John Woollam [AWA Contributor]

I specialise in All Things Agile: Scrum, Kanban, Lean, XP, Automated Testing, TDD, BDD, Continuous Integration and DevOps.My journey began in the Royal Air Force as a Flight Simulator technician, although I used to fix the school computer, an Elliott 803. The last working one of those is in the National Museum of Computing at Bletchley now.

After the RAF, I sold building materials until an opportunity to cross over to software development presented itself at Travis Perkins where I became a Pick/Universe programmer, BA, tester, and Devops Scrum Master. I wrote a set of XML support for Pick/Universe and I also worked on a test framework and build pipeline for Pick/Universe, because there was none. This where I discovered Agile and found it to suit my mindset.

I am currently Scrum Master to a distributed team at LexisNexis with members in the USA and Sweden as well as UK. I have created a space of trust within the team, and this is really enhancing our ability to work together and gain knowledge from each other.

I promote Lean practices including Test Driven Development and Continuous Integration.
I attend and speak (on the Route to Continuous Delivery) at agile meetups.
I enjoy improving team excellence by coaching, am very approachable and will always help a colleague to overcome a problem.