Jon Gedge [AWA Contributor]

I’m an agile team coach with nine years’ experience in the software industry across the defence and aerospace, marketing services and banking sectors. I’ve been coaching agile teams for the last four years, before which I was a developer.

I’m a firm believer that agile and lean approaches deliver a win-win-win situation: more effective delivery of value for businesses, better products for customers and a more enjoyable way of working for team members.

I love coaching and mentoring the teams I work with, as well as product owners, managers and others in the wider organisation, and I have a particular interest in the extent to which ‘professional’ coaching skills can be employed as an agile coach – and conversely, the extent to which agile coaching requires a range of skills other than coaching, such as mentoring, facilitating, teaching and consulting.

I also have an interest in combining coaching and mentoring with the concept of communities of practice through peer coaching and mentoring schemes and action learning sets, which I believe are a great way for team coaches and ScrumMasters to learn collectively and help each other become more flexible and resourceful.