Philiy Lander [AWA Contributor]

I love what I do. I am incredibly passionate about working with people and helping them to continuously improve. Scrum is the framework that allows me to do that by encouraging people to experiment, learn and grow by following the pillars and values.

I have worked with different types of teams, co-located, distributed, mixture of in house and 3rd party and teams that include SMEs not used to working in a development environment. I have started teams off from scratch, introducing them to Scrum and XP practices to help shape how they work and produce their new product. I have also worked with established teams working on legacy systems. Always with a focus on value to the customer.

I consider it a privilege to work with people and to dedicate my time inside and outside of work to reading and attending talks to find new and better ways to lead and serve my teams.

Previously I worked in the Arts Sector for over seven years working in project, people and stakeholder management. I entered the IT Industry to challenge myself to something new. I gained technical knowledge around the production of applications, system architecture, automation (Specflow, Selenium, c#) and have seen products produced throughout the development lifecycle working as a QA. And through this I discovered Scrum and found my passion.