Robert Sprigge [AWA Contributor]

User of email and conferencing systems pre-internet. Spent 18 months working in Luxembourg in the 1990s. A Business Analyst for over 25 years my motivation is delivering the right product for the customers / end-users. However using traditional methods this was difficult.

I’ve worked in many different business sectors including Publishing, Logistics, Air freight, Pharmaceuticals, Local Govt. Central Gov. Judiciary. As a Freelance BA for most of my working life I’ve had the luxury of seeing inside so many industries.

I was the co-owner of a research and publishing business for a few years and, more recently, started up a business (now closed) around the Raspberry Pi.

I’ve always been interested in how new changes in technology can change people’s lives. Interested in current affairs and politics.

I was a member of the PCG Freelance contractors’ consultative council for 8 years. I took a Masters degree about 12 years ago in order to get a better understanding of Business.

Greatest success: Front-end for Airline schedules system with 600,000 schedules for Freight forwarding industry.

Now employed on the basis of working at various of the clients sites around the UK. Similar to freelancing but with a regular salary:-)

I am now BCS Agile Practitioner certified, that’s the one with 3 hour written exam!
Frequent attendee at various Agile Meetups, there’s so much to learn.