Roy Hutchinson [AWA Contributor]

Roy has a background in Business Change and IT Management. His background includes being Projects, Customer Services and Commercial Director for an International software house prior to moving into an end-user environment, he started his Agile journey as Operations Director of an international insurance company where he implemented Lean, with a focus on Value Stream Analysis to improve the company’s performance, reducing operating costs by over 20% and measurably improving customer service levels.

As a result of implementing Lean, he also became involved in Agile practices within IT as he needed IT to keep up with the business processes changes. Since then he has implemented Agile in two more organisations. In his last roll, as Head of IT Delivery, he transitioned the IT function from an undisciplined waterfall approach to Agile practices, improving the productivity and quality of the software delivery teams. In this capacity he implemented Scrum, Kanban, XP and DevOps. As part of scaling Agile into the enterprise he went on to coach the business change people in Agile practices, bringing a number of insurance products to market.

He is now a self-employed Agile coach specialising in transitioning companies to Lean and Agile and helping teams become more productive.