Sarah Toogood [AWA Contributor]

I’m currently a contract Product Owner and Scrum Master. To sum me up I love Agile, bunnies and guinea pigs. This isn’t the place to talk about bunnies and guinea pigs so instead I’ll explain why I love Agile. Since being introduced to Agile in my first Business Analyst role 11 years ago I’ve loved the principles and culture that Agile grows from. Using the agile manifesto (for the left hand items) I will explain:

  • Individuals and interactions– I find people fascinating, I love to understand the why. You can only do this by focusing on individuals and the interactions between each other and the world they live in.
  • Working software– who doesn’t want to see something physically being used
  • Customer collaboration– I always want to do my best, I can only do this by focusing on the customer and their needs
  • Responding to change– the world is constantly moving and changing, it’s a fundamental truth of society and our planet to accept this to me is to accept life.

To me there is also a fifth item that is part of my agile manifesto:

  • Constant improvement – part of my core philosophy to life is to help the world be better, for those around me (whether animal or people). Agile supports the philosophy through many ways like retrospectives etc. and through constantly learning… and improving… and learning from those improvements.