Tomasz Kropiewnicki [AWA Contributor]

I’m a passionate Agile Coach with a track record of working across the globe.
I started my career as an embedded software developer and a team leader gradually gaining experience in both technology and leadership. I spent the last decade of my professional life in IT, working across a range of positions always passionate about gathering new experiences and working with diverse clients in an ever growing number of industries.
My skills in sales, line and strategic management, business coaching and training work in synergy enabling me to reach ambitious goals. I’m a results-oriented team leader and a people person always seeking an opportunity to grow.
I still remember discovering agile in 2006 and the first project I managed to successfully deliver with the Feature-driven development. Over the years I started to be passionate about Agile and today I have to admit that this definitely was the right horse to bet on.
Outside of IT, I’m also a servant Leader in Toastmasters and the Project Management Institute and whether through mentoring, coaching or public speaking I’m always keen on finding opportunities to help others grow.
Recently I moved to London and I’m astonished by the diverse and rich communities here. You can easily find me on quite a lot of the great Agile, Leadership and Project Management meetups or conferences here.