The Impact of Judgement & Gratitude
on Our Anxiety in the Workplace

A webinar with An Bakkes

AWA Webinar: freely available online


In our pursuit for certainty and predictability we tend to use our judgement in a way that limits us and increases our anxiety. We often think that “I am here but I need to be there”, this judgement of self then increases our anxiety as we never really seem to “get there”.

The alchemy to our anxiety is found in gratitude. Research teaches us how gratitude improves our self-esteem, confidence, immune system and our performance. Through practicing gratitude we can change the way we lead, perform and interact with the world.

When we judge, the only thing we can see is our judgement. This stops us from exploring and considering new possibilities and solutions to problems that in turn increases our anxiety. If we can become aware of our judgement and how it limits us, we can choose to change our point of view and enable ourselves to see possibilities where we previously saw obstacles.

Gratitude is one of the most sustainable yet practical ways to increase our quality of leading, living and performing. Gratitude changes the way we interact with the world in a way that enables a different perspective, increased awareness and the ability to lead with a higher level of confidence.

Watch this 20 minute webinar with An Bakkes to gain an injection of insight and new perspective by learning the impact of judgement & gratitude on our anxiety in the workplace.

Outcomes / Learning Objectives


  • Understand how judgement limits us in our decision making
  • A tool to suspend our judgment
  • Increased awareness that enables improved leading of self and others


  • A 3 step practice to increase our Gratitude
  • An understanding how Gratitude increases health and confidence

Who would benefit:

If you are in a job that requires:

  • Quick and effective response to change
  • The management of complex situations and deliverable
  • Need to lead uncertain situations

You will benefit from this quick 20 min that will provide an injection of insight and new perspective.

About An Bakkes

MPhil (Management Coaching), BCom (Sports Management), Certified Agile professional (ICAgile), Certified Agile coach and facilitator (ICAgile) Author. An is a pilgrim of life that spends her time engaging with her passions. These passions include life and business coaching, interactive workshops, facilitation and conversations that shape people, organisations and the world.

An’s corporate journey includes executive and senior management roles as well as managing mergers and acquisitions. An brings versatility and insight that stretches across disciplines, knowledge domains and different industries. Due to her senior and executive leadership roles in IT and Business, An is especially equipped to facilitate Agile transformations in teams and divisions as well as on a Business Agility level. Part of her specialisation is team dynamics and taking them from their current way of being to the agreed and desired future state of being. An is an internationally accredited facilitator and trainer and facilitates across the globe where required. Her accreditations include Flawless Consulting (Peter Block), Coaching and Facilitating Agile teams (ICAgile) and Organisational Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) and does national and international team coaching sessions in various industries.