What is Scrum?

Scrum is an implementation of a development process based upon the concepts in the Agile manifesto and the Agile principles. Scrum’s purpose is to provide a framework within which it is possible to plan, design, build and deploy complex working software that is fit for purpose, in priority order first. The Scrum Alliance supplements the […]

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Refactoring is a natural part of good development. Refactoring lends itself well to the Agile iterative approach to development. The term ‘refactoring’ is used to mean changing code to either clean it up so that it is easier to work with and adhere to best practices or to change in order to make new functionality

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Coding Standards

In the business of software creation the code is the building blocks of the product. If the code is a mess, hard to read and difficult to maintain, the product is hard to support, costly to adapt and its life span is shorter which in turns increases the total cost of ownership. It also makes

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Design Patterns

Design patterns are solutions to common problems encountered while designing and building software. It is vital that you understand the common design patterns to be a good coder or architect. These patterns will make up your common language. The language that you use in meetings and when explaining solutions to others and understanding solutions being

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Zachman Grid and when to use it

The Zachman Grid or Framework is useful tool for determining what artefacts to create as part of the Enterprise Architecture work in an organisation. The grid as defined on the Zachman website is given as: Source: http://www.zachman.com/ea-articles-reference/54-the-zachman-framework-evolution The framework will only ever be a small part of the overall architecture effort as it is just a

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