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In Conversation with Michael Hamman and Simon Powers

Length: 45 mins Availability: Download

Culture of Agility

Length: 45 mins Availability: Download

What is Agile Coaching?

Length: 50 mins Availability: download

Coaching Tired Teams with Anna Obukhova

Length: 30 mins Availability: download

The Impact of our Anxiety & Judgement in the Workplace – An Bakkes

Length: 20 mins Availability: download

Wave 2 of Agile: Living Agile for High Performance – Michael Sahota 

Length: 60 mins Availability: download

What is Clean Language? with Judy Rees & Olaf Lewitz

Length: 60 mins Availability: Download

What is Neuroscience and Why is it Important for Agile Coaches? with Amy Brann

Length: 60 mins Availability: Download

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