What's Agile Got To Doodle With It?

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About this webinar:
24th November @ 18:00 GMT

There’s a trend that’s been sweeping LinkedIn feeds, retrospectives, workshop notes and offices across the world. Visualisation, whether through SketchNoting, Graphic Recording, or Visual Facilitation is having a moment in Agile circles. And yet nowhere in the manifesto does it mention Neuland Markers…

So why are all these types of doodling becoming so popular in Agile circles, and what can you learn from the techniques even if you have no interest in art, drawing or graphic design? Gemma Honour, Agile Coach and Visual Facilitator will take you through the reasons and some case studies from her own experience.  Gemma will lead you in a workshop to try out some techniques to help you in your Agile practice that will require NO ARTISTIC SKILL whatsoever! Please bring some paper and pens of your choice, and we’ll see you ready to doodle!

Join this interactive webinar to:

  • Meet the Agile doodle expert herself, Gemma Honour
  • Find out why visualisation and doodling are so popular in Agile circles
  • Discover how SketchNoting, Graphic Recording, or Visual Facilitation can help you in your Agile practice
  • Join in, try some practical techniques and HAVE FUN (no drawing experience necessary)!
Doodle for Agile Meetup

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Gemma Honour

Gemma Honour

Gemma’s drawings bring out magic – transformation, manifestation and integration. That’s why she’s also known as the doodle witch.

Gemma discovered these powers working with teams using visual facilitation as a Scrum Master and Agile Coach. It’s exciting to get to pick up a pen and either help people think through an idea using an image, or help them remember it, but it’s even more exciting to create something that they can add into – either through words or their own doodles.

She dedicates the time she’s not working with teams to helping all kinds of coaches find images for their clients, either by creating visual facilitation templates, images to help aid understanding, or illustrations for their products.