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The AWA Enterprise Agile Coach Expert Program is a true master level learning experience where you will learn and understand the critically important details that only emerge after years and years of working in organisational change at the enterprise level. If you have hit limitations either with yourself or the organisation you work in, especially within the online environment we find ourselves in, then this program is for you. It will be a profound personal learning journey of re-evaluation and discovery in meaning making, leading, and how to inspire and catalyze change at the enterprise level.

Since the program launch, we have already seen an exciting level of interest and bookings but understand that, naturally, others may have concerns and queries about whether this program is right for them right now. Perhaps you need more detail on the content and structure before making a decision, perhaps you are unsure whether you can make this kind of investment right now, or you are unclear on whether you meet the prerequisites to apply.

If you have been thinking about   joining the program but would like to know more then please watch this video with Program Leaders, Simon Powers and Kevin Callahan. 

During this video we shine a light on the important need for this Enterprise Cohort Program, why it is mission-critical for enterprise coaches and leaders to level up, and ultimately, how this program will help you achieve your goals.



  • Here’s why I’m here
  • What does it mean to think in complex systems?
  • The Cohort Experience
  • Are you ready?
  • Q&A



Simon Powers – AWA CEO & Founder (ICE-EC) has over 20 years’ experience helping very large organisations to thrive in the market and to be better places to work. He works with the board of directors or senior managers to transform the way that they see themselves, each other, and their organisations. The results are better organisational design, better processes, more engaged staff, and an organisation that is customer focused and more successful.  He is also an authorised trainer for ICAgile and a member of the ICAgile Expert – Enterprise Agile Coaching certification committee


Kevin Callahan ICE-EC

Kevin Callahan (ICE-EC, MSPOD) is a leader with over two decades’ experience creating value and stewarding change toward desired results. He works to realise the mutual benefits to people, organisations, society, and the world that become possible when we work together under a positive unifying purpose. Kevin’s work puts people as the foundation of organisational effectiveness in the face of accelerating change and growing complexity. He holds a Masters Degree in Positive Organisational Development and Change, along with certificates in Appreciative Inquiry and Emotionally Intelligent Leadership and Coaching. He is also an authorised trainer for ICAgile and a member of the  ICAgile Expert – Enterprise Agile Coaching certification committee.