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Rapid "on-the-job" learning and development

Why now

Many organisations rely on third-party consultants to lead their transformations, yet these consultants are often disconnected from the organisation‘s culture and, in some cases, may impose agility dogmatically rather than contextually, which contributes to widespread resistance to change, amongst other common challenges.

When organisations invest in building internal capabilities, they achieve greater success and lower costs because they have developed internal change agents who not only understand the organisation’s culture and internal politics but are committed to championing the change in a way that resonates with employees and builds momentum and engagement. What’s more, your organisation will be equipped with cutting-edge knowledge, expertise, and agility built into its DNA.

Why our approach works

✔ Tailored and off-the-shelf programs available online or in-person
✔ On-the-job learning builds competence, capability and confidence
✔ Enhanced transfer of learning into real-world use and application
✔ Ensures investment in training results in real change
✔ Increased agility and capacity to respond to changing market demands
✔ Improved cultures where teams innovate, deliver, and thrive
✔ Reduced costs and reliance on third party support
✔ More joyful staff, happier stakeholders, and delighted customers

How we help

Establishing an internal capability provides your organisation with a powerful edge and significant advantage in sustaining the momentum of change, ensuring continuous feedback, and tweaking strategies so that you can stay ahead of the competition and rocket proof your business for future disruptions. Whether you’re looking to build an internal team coaching, enterprise coaching, or innovation capability program, we can help.

The transformation experts

As the world’s leading business agility and coaching experts, we have seen first-hand how internal agile coaching capabilities are key to helping teams and organisations make the necessary changes needed to not only rapidly respond to market demands and be more successful. We work hand-in-hand with our customers using our proven and trusted approach that builds engagement, enthusiasm and excitement for change. Talk to us about our internal capability partnerships today.

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