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AWA is a different type of organisation. We have a strong vision for making working lives better. This usually makes people’s lives outside of work better too. We are changing the way people behave and organise themselves at work across the globe. Our mission is to equip the planet with the skills needed to solve the types of business and social problems that we face today.

Our method is to develop ourselves first so that we can help others. We are working as a deliberately developmental organisation, one that develops ourselves, our relationships, and our clients.

We grow our employees with generous training and professional development. We use coaching, facilitating, mentoring, and training to help develop others and ourselves.

certified scrum master training


AWA is the world’s leading community of practice, training, and coaching organisation. We run a global network of business community meetups and support other communities and conferences to share knowledge, ideas, and experiences freely.

We operate on the cutting edge of business change. We are a small company with an office in London and Chicago, and a global network of trainers, coaches, and partners.


This page lists the current opportunities that we are able to provide at AWA. To apply for any of the positions please email your CV / resume to along with the following information:

  • Description of why you want to work with AWA in this role
  • What top 3 things would you want to achieve for yourself in the first year at AWA
  • In your opinion, what is the most important thing happening in our industry right now?
  • Your salary expectations

AWA values diversity and inclusion. We are stronger when we open our minds and remove judgement. We believe in a better working world for everyone. We do not discriminate against anyone for any reason. We believe in equal opportunities. We hire based on suitability for the role, required experience, and on how well you would be able to work with us in a global team.

You must be a resident and have the legal ability to work in the country that the role is located in.


We do not currently have any permanent roles available.


We do not currently have any contract roles available.

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