Associate Trainer


AWA is a different type of organisation. We have a strong vision for making working lives better. This usually makes people lives outside of work better too. We are changing the way people behave and organise themselves at work across the globe. Our mission is to equip the planet with the skills needed to solve the types of business and social problems that we face today.

AWA is the world’s leading community of practice, training, and coaching organisation. We run a global network of business community meetups and support other communities and conferences to share knowledge, ideas, and experiences freely.

We operate on the cutting edge of business change.


We have a fantastic opportunity for someone who lives in the UK or similar timezone to train our public and private courses and workshops in the time zone of the UK, EU, and morning time East Coast US.

You will enter our train the trainer program and learn to teach one or more of our certified courses. You will be able to train and run workshops both as public and private courses, as well as workshops for clients to achieve a specific goal.

We are expanding the range of our training courses, the number of classes we run, and the depth of our services to clients. We are also focusing on growing our systemic and professional coaching approach to organisational change and are looking for you to contribute and learn with us in this exciting approach to building better organisations.

You will contribute to all three areas of the AWA business; community, training, and coaching. Currently the focus is to facilitate / coach / train our certified courses and to collaborate with all members of the global AWA Faculty on any updates. You will be part of a growing training team to deliver this content on public and private courses.


This role is for someone who wants to become the best at what they do. Where the quality and integrity of their choices matters more than the quantity. We have a mission, we are changing the way business works, and we are making people’s working lives better. If that resonates with you and you want an opportunity that will send you around the world (after covid), and invite you to contribute to the world’s best training materials, and deliver that content to organisations across the globe and for now all online, then get in contact and tell us about you.



We will enrol you on our train the trainer program for the courses you will be teaching. We do NOT charge you for your training like other companies do and we pay travel expenses if you are co-training during your learning period.


If you have your own training course that you would like to run for our community members you can find information about what courses we accept on our Training Partner page.


We have many opportunities that are ready for the successful applicant, so a pre-existing level of experience and knowledge is required to take advantage of these exciting engagements. We work with you to develop new skills, but the following are the starting point of what we expect:

  • Be guided by a clear set of values that put people first
  • Be comfortable training and facilitating groups of up to 24 people on your own online
  • Be able to train in the manner of what we are teaching about. For example, listening more than talking, holding psychological safety whilst challenging, and facilitating with neutrality
  • Have some kind of professional coaching qualification with a preference of ICF or an ICAgile ICE-AC accreditation
  • Have experience working with the team of teams or whole product scope (more then 40 people)
  • Have experience working with senior managers / leaders
  • You will need to be comfortable explaining basic agile processes such as Scrum, LeSS, and Kanban to teams, management, and leaders
  • You will be familiar with Zoom and Mural (or similar).


To apply for role of the AWA Associate Trainer please email with the following information:

  • Details of coaching qualifications
  • Details of experience training in a non-powerpoint format especially online
  • Details of your organisational change experience with a scope of more than a few teams
  • Description of why you want to work with AWA in this role
  • In your opinion, what is the most important thing happening in our industry right now?
  • Your day rate expectations for training

AWA values diversity and inclusion. We are stronger when we open our minds and remove judgement. We believe in a better working world for everyone. We do not discriminate against anyone for any reason. We believe in equal opportunities. We hire based on suitability for the role, required experience, and on how well you would be able to work with us in a global team.


ICAgile certified

  • Agile Fundamentals ICP
  • Agile Team Coach ICP-ATC
  • Agile Team Facilitator ICP-ATF
  • Enterprise Coaching Bootcamp ICP-ENT and ICP-CAT
  • Leading in Agility ICP-LEA
  • Agile Leadership Expert ICE-AL


  • Professional and Systemic Coaching


As well as our public courses, we also run private workshops for our clients at all levels of the organisation. Taking this role you would also have the opportunity to facilitate, coach, and train these workshops.


The role is paid per training course or engagement on a daily rate. The work is not continuous but on a freelance basis. It would not suit someone who has a permanent role or full time contract with another client.

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