March 2, 2017

AWA Interviews: Matt Wynne

AWA Interviews: Matt Wynne Ahead the nearly sold out  “BDD for Busy People” workshop running later this month, we asked Matt Wynne about his story, where he sees the biggest challenges in software development and the impact BDD has had on the industry. Continue reading below for some interesting and insightful answers. How long have you been working with BDD? What…

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February 20, 2017

Why Agile Portfolio Managers Should Act Like Rice Farmers

Why Agile Portfolio Managers Should Act Like Rice Farmers One of the themes in Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers is how differences between Asian and Western cultural practices may have a hidden influence on the different attitudes to success and determination. Gladwell describes how the painstaking persistence of rice cultivation in China differs from Western grain cultivation….

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February 15, 2017

Understanding the Switch from Scrum to Kanban

Understanding the Switch from Scrum to Kanban This is a real-life story. It’s a story about addressing the concerns of senior managers who are wary of their delivery teams making their own independent decisions. It’s a common tale that many delivery teams face, and one where, as servant-leaders, scrum master and agile coaches need to…

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July 5, 2016

Why is it so hard to do the right amount of refinement?

Why is it so hard to do the right amount of refinement? Teams don’t do enough product backlog refinement. Yes, it’s a sweeping statement and yes there are teams where this isn’t true but for the most part I feel it’s a common problem for new and existing teams. All the coaching for Scrum talks…

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May 12, 2016

Why Do We Do Backlog Refinement?

Why Do We Do Backlog Refinement? We have all heard that we should be doing something in the line of backlog refinement. It is meant to be a complement to the planning session. But why should we be doing it, and why is it important? A lot of the material available seems to approach the…

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April 4, 2016

Unplanned Work – Step 1

Unplanned Work – Step 1 For what it is worth, my thoughts on unplanned work are as follows 🙂 Unplanned work is largely inevitable on any team unless there are zero defects and no emergencies ever that come up during a sprint. This situation never happens and is probably not even desirable based on the…

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April 1, 2016

Agile is Dead. Long Live Waterfall

Agile is dead. Long live the waterfall The Agile cult has been maligning waterfall for nearly a decade and a half. They would want you to believe that no software project was successful before 17 middle-aged white guys met in a ski lodge in 2001. Alas, that is not the case. We went to the…

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March 30, 2016

Why Do We Stand-Up?

Why Do We Stand-Up? There are many takes on how to conduct a stand-up, and at least as many takes on what to cover. But have we lost track of what’s actually important? At a meetup in the end of 2015, the speaker partly covered the ‘fact’ that the early majority, according to Moore’s technology adoption lifecycle, of companies doing software…

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January 21, 2016

Road map for 2016 – Have you made yours yet?

Warning! The introduction to this article uses a train metaphor but has nothing to do with SAFe. Emergency! My favourite Agile product teams have been derailed! The perfect click clack of the sprint cadence dropping of valuable software at every station has ground to a halt. The railway controller has been replaced with a new…

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January 13, 2016

Backlog refinement versus Sprint planning

Coaching teams that are new to Agile and Scrum is often about finding the right trade-offs for that team and the domain they are working on. No one size fits all and that is the reason why implementing Agile is often hard. One of the trade-offs is in which meeting the product backlog ordering and…

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