August 27, 2015

A case study for BDD in improving throughput and collaboration

At a well known global investment bank, I was asked to review several product teams and to find out why the teams could not complete stories at the end of each sprint and why there was so many defects coming into the sprint. The current measurable time spent on defects averaged at 35% of all…

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June 10, 2015

Agile tooling requires a budget

Agile projects require higher infrastructure demand during development than waterfall projects. In the old days, when people used to do waterfall, we would book out a server(s) to do the testing on. The server would be allocated to the test team and there it would sit for a fixed period. With larger batch sizes of…

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June 8, 2015

Product Vision = Higher Purpose

Having a product vision is essential in Agile Product development. It is the highest statement of value and provides context and direction for the value of Epics and Stories. The Roman Pichler product vision board is a good start for making a vision and it is what we use on the Adventures with Agile vision…

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