Why as Coaches it’s Beneficial to Understand How the Brain Works

As coaches it’s beneficial to understand how the brain works because we can develop our coaching to align with how the brain naturally functions. Most people come to coaches to create change and ultimately to transform the way they think, behave, perform, interact with others and approach their work and lives. In order to be effective we need to understand how the brain supports change and transformation. Subsequently, more and more clients are expecting their coaches to know indeth knowledge about the science of why coaching work.

Neuroscience is fundamentally concerned with the way that the brain works; the value that it offers people who are working with other’s brains is quite vast.

Amy Brann is the author of the go-to book “Neuroscience for Coaches” which looks at how to use the latest insights from Neuroscience for the benefit of the clients you are coaching. It’s one the most popular resources for coaches across the world. And it’s packed with incredible detail and nuggets of info you can use in your day to day.

When Simon and Philiy met Amy earlier this year, they knew that we had to share Amy’s work and research with the agile coaching community here in London.

What’s Amy’s Background?

Amy Brann is a thought leader in the field of human potential. As the assistant training director for the International Federation of Medical Schools Association Amy enjoyed managing the team that organised the soft skills training for over 700 medical students twice a year at various locations around the world. Leaving UCL medical school to pursue a Coaching career she became fascinated by what the brain can teach us to help transform thinking & performance. She has participated in over 12,000 hours of Coaching with clients all over the world.

How Can I Learn More?

Are you are a trained Coach? Use Coaching skills in your work? Are you looking to demonstrate more credibility than your competitors? Do you want to help your clients make changes quicker and more sustainably?  Then join Amy on November 6th and 7th in London for the Neuroscience for Coaches (Performance and Innovation) workshop.

After this Continued Professional Development Workshop you will be able to:

  • Explain how coaching really works and how your clients can get the most out of every opportunity
  • Share the latest insights from neuroscience with your clients and how they can change daily experiences of life
  • Have a deep tool that combines behavioural science and neuroscience in a way hardly anyone is yet doing (it gets game changing results).

Need more info?

Check out Amy’s whitepaper “Neuroscience for Coaches in Action” which shows how understanding how the brain changes is a key area within the field of neuroscience and is therefore useful to Coaches and all who utilise the skills of Coaching.

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