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AWA is a different type of organisation. We have a strong vision for making working lives better. This usually makes people lives outside of work better too. We are changing the way people behave and organise themselves at work across the globe. Our mission is to equip the planet with the skills needed to solve the types of business and social problems that we face today.

AWA is the world’s leading community of practice, training, and coaching organisation. We run a global network of business community meetups and support other communities and conferences to share knowledge, ideas, and experiences freely.

We operate on the cutting edge of business change.


Over the years we have successfully promoted, supported, and run well attended courses written and taught by amazing people who do not work for AWA, but can provide the AWA community with relevant, niche, and usable content that will help change their working lives for the better.

Usually, running courses with AWA is invite only. If you have been invited or you believe that you have a course like this, that you can run, and we can promote, then this page is for you.


As you can imagine, an organisation that supports a forward thinking and proactive community requires training courses that are of the highest standard, both in content and in style of delivery. We have put together a list of things that you will need to demonstrate to be able to run a course to our community.

Your course must:

  • Have clear learning outcomes that attendees will receive
  • Be able to articulate what learners will be able to do that they couldn’t before taking the course
  • Be run by trainers who have actually done the thing they are teaching about
  • Be taught online (during the Covid response)
  • Be taught using interactive techniques that give attendees experiential learning (i.e. not lecture style)
  • Be aligned with the AWA coaching and mentoring approach


We are looking for the very best training courses the world has to offer. These are typically emerging ideas, niche subjects, or just very high quality experiences. We are not looking for framework training courses.


As a leading global community of practice that has consistently delivered high quality events, training, and coaching for over 6 years, we have a large, reliable, and highly engaged community. We will market your course to the community and explain how the course can help them on their journey.

We market your course by:

  • Creating a profile for you on our website
  • Hosting you to run a free supported, recorded, and marketed event as a webinar or presentation
    See the AWA YouTube channel for examples.
  • Recording an interview with you and a member of the AWA Team on your subject
  • Adding your event and training course to our website, newsletter, and community channels
  • Creating a LinkedIn and Twitter posts of your content
  • All attendees are invited to continue their learning through the online AWA community

We can also:

  • Manage the entire sales process, questions, and support
  • Introduce your course to our clients
  • Take all course payments
  • Manage different countries VAT and Tax issues
  • Support attendees questions with answers
  • Help attendees with tech issues and set up a tech check call prior to the course
  • Share a spreadsheet with all financial data about the course keeping everything transparent


As well as our public courses, we also run private workshops for our clients at all levels of the organisation. If you would like, we can promote your courses to our clients so that you may be able to run the course privately as well as to a public audience.


Usually you would be responsible for updating the certification authority with the attendee information but we can do this for you if required and you provide access to their portal.


In most cases, where we are taking the payments, we will pay you after the training class has run. All finances are transparent and we take a % based on the services we are offering. This is all detailed in a financial contract you receive before we start the course and everything is agreed in advance.


Usually becoming a training partner is by invite only. If you have received an invite, you can respond to that invite.

If you have not received an invite you can still apply to be an AWA Training partner, please email with the following information:

  • The title of your course
  • If it is certified and by whom
  • Who the certified trainers are
  • Description of why this course will benefit the AWA community
  • Your experience on the subject matter
  • A few times and dates when we can arrange a call to discuss

AWA values diversity and inclusion. We are stronger when we open our minds and remove judgement. We believe in a better working world for everyone. We do not discriminate against anyone for any reason. We believe in equal opportunities. We work with trainers based on suitability of the training class for the community, their experience in the subject matter, and on how well you would be able to deliver the content in an experiential way. We are also looking for friendly easy to get along with people as we are a very relaxed team.

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