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Welcome to this exciting update. We are launching a new online community and would like to invite you to it!

We are looking for 50 pioneers to kick off the most exciting, useful, and relevant community that will change the way we work across the planet.

This is a limited one time offer for 50 enthusiastic early adopters. Being part of this community will be both rewarding and demanding! Before accepting the invite, please read this page to see if this is for you!

Video from our CEO and Founder

The application form is below on this page.


HopeThe purpose and vision for the community is simple. It hasn’t changed since we began AWA. We will make working life better. Working life is a struggle for many people and we believe that it doesn’t have to be this way. There is hope for a better world with better organisations in it.

Our focus is helping you to help individuals, teams, systems, and whole organisations create amazing places to work and to deliver relevant and valuable products and services.

We believe we can do that better together. Changing the world is not an individual exercise. It requires people from all backgrounds to work together to create something that works for all.

Inviting, guiding and leading change can be a lonely role. Community is the perfect place to be amongst people who can support you and connect with you, and help you to grow, learn, and share.

This new online consolidated version of all the AWA communities will be the one place where everyone can come and be safe to explore themselves and the world of change and be more effective in what they do.

Building a high reputation


Built into our community is the ability to build up a score based reputation that reflects the level of interaction and engagement. A reputation score is displayed next to everyone’s profile so that it is clear who is interacting and creating the most valuable content.

We will also reward high reputation individuals with AWA Credits that can be used for money off of AWA courses. We can also create a status badge on profiles that represent achievements. We will also offer priority places for events that are likely to sell out or fill up.

Being an active participant  on this community is valuable.

Others in the community can look to those with higher reputations for help and support and as guides to them gaining reputation themselves.

Your role

As one of the first 50 members you are vitally important. A community requires a certain amount of activity to thrive and encourage more activity. It is a chicken and egg situation. To start a community requires the pioneers to engage even though at first there is no activity. It requires a collective will and determination to make something greater than the sum of its parts.

Additional Rewards for Community Pioneers

Community Pioneer

As a first adopter you have a chance to build up a high reputation as a community pioneer. You will receive the status badge in gold next to your name, called: ‘Community Pioneer’. No one else except the original pioneers will receive this. This reflects your commitment and signals to others that you are a founding member of the AWA community.

Building up reputation points early means faster access to discounts on training and other events.

You will have the ability to shape the community before others are invited, and you will be able to contribute the content they will see. You will be invited to exclusive monthly calls with the founder of AWA and AWA staff, and also be on the priority list for future events.

You will also be invited to have your picture and short bio added to the AWA website that will list the community pioneers of the community. We will also post regularly on LinkedIn and can include your name.

You will be able to network and be invited early to meet other pioneers to learn from them and to share your knowledge and discover opportunities. We hope that the community is a hugely valuable place to be, both in personal and career development.

We hope that what we create is fun and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. That we reflect the kinds of places we want to work in, through our community and become exemplars of how to behave and enjoy the work we do.


Your responsibility as a pioneer is to interact and connect with others. To be curious about what is happening and contribute to it. To ask questions, write posts, and comment on posts and answer other people’s questions.

AWA events

You will join events, encourage others to contribute, and to set the path for what the community will be.

You will speak highly of what we are doing or seek to improve it. Letting others know about the community and preparing the online space for opening to non-pioneer members.

You will be an ambassador for the community and everything that it represents.

The pioneer statusReputation 200

Pioneers will achieve their pioneer standing after they have reached a reputation score of 200. We hope this will be achieved within the first three months. We aim to open the community to non-pioneer members as soon as possible and as soon as we feel we are adding enough momentum and value for others to join in.

This could be a real opportunity to build a high reputation for yourself and be a part of, and shape something we believe will change the world of work.

Applying to be an AWA Pioneer

To apply to an AWA community pioneer and be accepted you will need to have ONE of the following credentials:

  1. To either be a leader of an organisation moving towards agility with more than 20 staff OR
  2. Be a professional Coach OR
  3. Be an enterprise coach OR
  4. Have at least 4 years working in a change agent role with responsibilities moving an organisation towards agility. For example: as as Agile Coach, Scrum Master, working in HR on change, any job title where you are helping others to create a better organisation.

You must also:

  • Be active on a least one social media platform such as LinkedIn

It would help your application if you have ever been to any AWA events, training, webinars etc, or contributed in any way to AWA in the past. However, we are also looking for new ideas, people, and experience!

And finally:

  • Please declare that you have time to contribute in writing posts, answering questions, and either speaking highly of the community or actively engaging with making it better.

Please email us with any questions to and we will get back to you shortly. If you are have no questions, please apply using the form below.

AWA Community Pioneer

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