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Free agile events meetups and webinars
free agile events, meetups and webinars for the agile community

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Navigating Agile Transformation with Red Hat

2nd July

My role. is changing.
Who am I?
Online workshop

Boost Backlog Refinement through the Power of Collaborative Storytelling

Using Transactional Analysis with Teams
Online MeetUp

POSTPONED: Rapid Growth – what can possibly go wrong?
In Person MeetUp

The Crystal Ball Dilemma: How do you know you’re building the right thing?

Setting your Teams & Organisation Up for Success This Year

This is how you do it.
A Conversation with AWA Global & AWA Norge

The Unwinnable Game. A psychologically unsafe game of failing agile transformations in-person Meetup

Level Up Your Virtual Learning Games FREE webinar

From Self-Deception to Self-Mastery
A Roadmap to Being Your Own Hero with Michael K. Sahota

FREE Webinar: 5 Key Concepts a Scrum Master Must Learn From Agile Coaching

AI & Org-Design Craig Larman

What to do when your clients are feeling overwhelmed

Finding Your Right-Fit Agility: A Case Study on the Enterprise Change Pattern

How to Master Online Meetings

Below the Surface: An Introduction to Systems Coaching with the Iceberg Model

What’s Agile Got To Doodle With It?

Playing with Neuroscience: Workshops for All

Book launch! Change.

The Agile Coach “Ego” Problem!

What’s Next On Your Agile Coaching Path? 

The Essential Ingredient Every Enterprise Coach Needs

Introducing AWA Norge

A Neuroplastic Approach to Learning

Advanced Story Mapping

Purposeful Empathy

Introducing the Principles of Lean Portfolio Management

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