Enterprise coaching in Thailand

Enterprise Agile Coaching in Thailand

with Simon Powers

Available on demand

an AWA Global online webinar


About this webinar:

Firstly, here’s a summary of what we covered:

  • A brief introduction to Simon Powers (Adventures with Agile), MAQE (Andreas Holmer) & SEAC (Richard Gilman)
  • Why MAQE & SEAC are supporting the Enterprise Agile Coach Bootcamp in Thailand (a recent Bangkok Post article rated Thailand 9th out of 9 Asia-Pacific countries for Agility)
  • Simon talks about how AWA help make working life better and how Agility can help solve core business problems
  • We explore where Thailand is in terms of Agility right now (very similar to the UK a few years back, with a tendency to focus on processes). A deeper mindset shift is needed
  • Simon explains that Enterprise Agility is a way of optimising the whole organisation, instead of just one team, using a people-first approach
  • A summary of what is included in our Enterprise Agile Coach Bootcamp, how it was developed and why it works (there’s no PowerPoint and no exam!)
  • A simple model for what is needed for organisational change
  • Q&A from SEAC, MAQE and participants
  • Wrap-up, booking details and discount code
People don’t fear change. People fear being MADE to change.”

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