Change. book launch Simon Powers

Book launch! Change. By Simon Powers

A practitioner’s guide to enterprise coaching

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an AWA Global online webinar

About this webinar:

We are hugely excited to present “Change.” the new book by AWA Founder Simon Powers.
Change. is a practitioner’s guide to enterprise coaching
. It is the result of Simon’s twenty years of experience as a coach and change agent.

By 2025, organisations around the world are expected to spend $2.5 trillion on digital transformation initiatives, more than doubling the amount spent in 2020. However, organisations report that 70% of transformations stall. This is due to a failure to communicate goals, strategy, purpose, and outlook with their employees. Despite this knowledge, those same organisations continue to prioritise process over people when planning their change strategies. How then, can we as change agents and leaders, prevent our businesses from losing a further $1.96 trillion?

People don’t fear change. People fear being MADE to change.”

Change. the new book from internationally recognised and award-winning enterprise coaching expert, Simon Powers, provides change agents and leaders with “a practical and pragmatic” approach “that everyone can follow”. It includes various options for identifying and overcoming common organisational obstacles. In this ground-breaking book, Simon “does not shy away from some hard truths that business leaders around the world will recognise”.

To be successful in 2022 and beyond, organisations must adopt a human-centric transformation that engages employees at all levels. This book will help you to understand the strategic decisions you need to make, to transform your organisation and continue to thrive. In this free 90-minute session, Simon shared his pioneering and unique approach to people-first organisational change, as well as innovative models and tools that help your whole organisation move forward.

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