The Crystal Ball Dilemma: How do you know you’re building the right thing?

with Gemma Honour & Paul Brown


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Do you worry that you’re spending big bucks on a hunch? Want to feel sure that your product is going to be successful and of value?

Did you know that up to HALF of all customer features fail to meet expectations?

You know how to get a solution to your customer, but is it the right solution? There’s a gap between what we think our customers want, what they think they want and what they actually NEED. We call this the Crystal Ball dilemma.

About this webinar

Join experienced product practitioner Paul Brown and Bryter Work co-founder, Gemma Honour as they discuss the best way to solve the crystal ball dilemma through continuous product feedback AND why most companies don’t.

How to know you’re building the right thing

During this session, they’ll explore:

  • The ‘wrong’ kind of feedback
  • How to use evidence to say no (or yes!)
  • The smallest useful thing
  • Bias and its impact on feedback
  • The emotional consequences of being wrong

You’ll come away with a new perspective on how to best use feedback to create better products for your customers (and avoid costly mistakes)!

Key takeaways:

  • Closing the feedback loop, while still creating something valuable
  • Understanding what is the wrong kind of feedback
  • Supporting evidence to manage your stakeholders
  • Embracing being wrong (in order to get it right later on)

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Meet your hosts

gemma honour

Gemma Honour

With experience leading an enterprise agile transformation for a Fortune 500 company, Gemma works with organisations to help them uncover their super-powers.

Gemma brings energy and colour to everything she does and is highly skilled in creating and holding memorable workshops and coaching sessions that get people sharing understanding, thinking creatively and working together effectively.

Paul Brown

Paul is a product practitioner with over 25 years of comprehensive experience in the SDLC/PLC, transitioning into product management leadership for the past decade. His expertise spans coaching, mentoring, product management, data, and facilitating workshops.

Paul is passionate about refining product strategies, driving innovation, and orchestrating effective agile transformations, nurturing high-performing teams and driving measurable outcomes.