finding your right fit agility

Finding your right-fit agility:

A case study on the Enterprise Change Pattern

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finding your right fit agility

About the Event

We were thrilled and excited to hold our first in-person meetup since February 2020. Carl Rogers, senior manager for Agile Enablement at Discover Financial Services, presented an interactive and insightful case study and immersive workshop for experimenting to find right-fit agility using the Enterprise Change Pattern. 

How many times have you been asked to do “the XYZ model” while exploring change initiative options? Many leaders (and coaches) are supportive of “best fit” off-the-shelf approaches. While these have a place, this interactive meetup highlights why they are largely best avoided, how (and where) to meet the needs of your leaders, and what you need to do to engage them to create an experiment-based approach that is right for your organisation.

A Case Study on the Enterprise Change Pattern

The Enterprise Change Pattern (ECP) sets out a collaborative strategy to achieve organisational change. Underpinned by a people-first, experiments-based approach, the ECP future-proofs an organisation’s ability to rapidly respond to change, innovate, and thrive.

One of the ways in which coaches and leaders can learn about this approach is at our Enterprise Agile Coach Bootcamp. Agile Coach Carl Rogers from Discover Financial Services attended this last year. Discover has been on an agile transformation for several years and had recently moved away from using a prescriptive framework. With the ECP, Carl saw an opportunity to develop an Agile Change Model that was appropriate for Discover’s context while being supported by a structure that facilitates that process in a non-prescriptive, yet tangible way.

During this interactive meetup, Carl shared Discover’s journey using the ECP to “plug the hole” and develop a bespoke, non-prescriptive pattern based approach to help teams of teams find their right-fit agility for their context. He highlights how it’s not only possible to design a bespoke change model within a large organisation but to do so in a truly playful and adaptive way. Carl shared Discover’s experience, including leading indicators about what is working so far, as well as examples of the choices that coaches and leaders have when co-creating a change strategy.

NOTE: This Meetup has already happened.


Pizza and refreshments – 6pm 
Talk and Q&A – 6.15  – 8.15pm
Close – 8.30pm


  • Explore how agile coaches can engage with leaders in conversations about change
  • Hear examples of what works and what doesn’t (e.g experiments)
  • See how change can be created in a fun, experimental and adaptive way
  • Experience this process through an interactive workshop (which you can take away and use with your teams)!

Meet the Speakers

Carl Rogers

Senior Manager at Discover Financial Services

As a senior manager in the Agile Enablement team at Discover®, Carl develops training, engagement frameworks, resources, and learning pathways for product families to understand and configure for their right-fit agility. Carl is tasked with enabling a cohesive and connected community of engaged agile practitioners to perform at the best of their ability, while also ensuring that Discover leadership supports embracing agile principles and advocating for agility in their organisations.
Carl joined Discover as a Scrum Master for one team and was able to impact beyond this sphere into the eWallets Agile Release Train and the UK office Agile community. After a year, Carl was asked to launch a new Agile Release Train as a Release Train Engineer, where he was able to create a distinct culture bubble within Payment Services. Nine months later, Carl was able to nurture and grow more as the Solution Train Engineer for Digital Payments. 
When Discover’s agile way of working transformation began, Carl was able to influence design and adoption across Payment Services. His focus now is on evolving what Agile ways of working looks like across the entire organisation. Carl’s training and enablement resources are now being used across Discover to train teams and leadership about how to effectively create an agile culture.

gemma honour

Gemma Honour

Bryter Work Co-Founder

Gemma is an Agile Coach and Visual Facilitator, with experience leading an enterprise agile transformation for a Fortune 500 company. She works with organisations to help them uncover their super-powers and is making working life better.

Gemma brings energy and colour to everything she does and is highly skilled in creating and holding memorable workshops and coaching sessions that get people sharing understanding, thinking creatively and working together effectively. She has a wealth of experience across multiple sectors including helping the Platform and Product Leadership team at a large bank to form a cohesive Digital Strategy and Roadmap as well as coaching Agile Transformation Leaders at a large telecoms organisation to align on purpose and approach.

Gemma’s approach is informed by a deep understanding of systems thinking, coaching, visual thinking and agile to create inclusive spaces where teams and individuals can map, co-create, innovate and problem-solve.