Change. This is how you do it

Change. This is how you do it

an AWA Global & AWA Norge collaboration

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About this webinar

What does it take to create lasting change in organisations? How can we foster a culture of innovation and co-create experiments and successful products? 

AWA uses the Enterprise Change Pattern when working with organisations. This is a tried and tested approach that makes large-scale change possible without meeting resistance within the organisation. In this webinar, we won’t go through all the details but rather hear more about why it works and why we need to think differently about change. 

In this webinar, you will meet Simon Powers, founder and CEO of AWA Global in conversation with John Inge Hervik, Enterprise Agile Coach in AWA Norge. You will also hear from Ady Dike, a recent graduate of the AWA Enterprise Coach Expert program, and hear all about how she has used the ECP when working in large corporate transformations. 

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Watch this webinar to:

  • Hear real-world stories about how Simon, Ady and John Inge (and others) are creating lasting change, including what worked and what didn’t
  • Start thinking differently about change so that you can get less resistance
  • Join the conversation about creating cultures of innovation using an experiments-based, people first approach
  • Talk with our panel and get answers to your most pertinent questions

Meet the speakers

simon powers

Simon Powers

Simon Powers is the CEO and founder of AWA Global (Adventures with Agile). He is also co-founder of Bryter Work, a people-first coaching consultancy and AWA’s sister company.

Simon is a world class systems coach, leadership coach and mentor, facilitator and trainer.

Over the last two decades Simon has worked with leaders to improve their organisations, meet their objectives, and create a productive and happy work environment.

John Inge

John Inge Hervik

John Inge Hervik is Head of Training at AWA Norge. He has more than 15 years experience in agile ways of working. From a technical software development background, he has also studied psychology and coaching.

John Inge’s approach to agility is value-based, and focuses on contributing to improvements in the organisations he works for. This approach emphasises increased trust, good communication, continuous learning and a defined agile mindset. The result is better anchored organisational and process changes where value creation is at the centre.

Ady Dike

Ady Dike

Ady is a delivery focused Professional and Enterprise Coach, ICAgile authorised trainer and Digital Transformation Lead. She is a graduate of our ICAgile Expert in Enterprise Coaching program.

She is customer focused, hands-on, flexible and loves a challenge.

Ady is now leveraging skills and experience to support leaders, teams and organisations to win in executing their delivery pipeline and on their agile transformation journey.