Introducing Adventures with Agile Norge

with Siri O.Kvalø and John Inge Hervik

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About this webinar:

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Adventures with Agile Norge this September and delighted to introduce the new Adventures With Agile Norge team, John Inge Hervik and Siri O. Kvalø. 

Five years ago John Inge Hervik travelled to London to attend AWA’s courses in agile team coaching and enterprise agility. He immediately saw the need for this knowledge and ways of working in Norwegian working life. After talking with Simon Powers, founder and CEO of AWA UK, he brought the renowned AWA courses to Oslo and Norway. Hundreds of people have since attended these courses in Oslo. John Inge’s years of experience and passion for agile coaching, make him the perfect person to head up Adventures With Agile Norge. John Inge and Siri have experienced the future of making working life better. They know what works and how to bring people along on this journey. What’s more, they are able to do this in a practical and easy to understand way.

Meet Adventures With Agile Norge

In this webinar John Inge, Siri and Simon share their journeys, why the Agile mindset is so important and how using a coaching approach and putting people first makes all the difference. Simon Powers will also share his vision for AWA and working life globally as well as his pioneering and unique approach to people-first organisational change.

What to expect:

  • Understand AWA’s way of working – putting people first, the Agile mindset and coaching as the underlying approach
  • Hear for yourself what makes AWA different from other Agile organisations – and why that matters for your organisation
  • Hear the inspiring journey of John Inge, Siri and Simon 
  • Be inspired to lead the change for a better working life!  
  • Live Q&A