Below the Surface:

An Introduction to Systems Coaching with the Iceberg Model

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an AWA Global online webinar

About this webinar:

Alan Jennings and Gemma Honour explored systems thinking and coaching in this taster session with AWA and Bryter Work.

Have you ever felt that the problem that you are facing is deeper than the team?  Want to discover better ways of uncovering what is below the surface?

Ever felt that you come up against the same points of resistance repeatedly for any changes you face.  Feels like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos?

There are reasons why when Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches and Transformation Managers attempt to solve problems they keep hitting up against the same stuff.  Systems Thinking and Coaching offers tools and ways of thinking to diagnose, assess and resolve issues that often go unseen.

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  • Brief introduction to Bryter Work & the AWA Systems Thinking & Coaching course
  • Visual thinking – cows as a system
  • What is a system cow analogy
  • Understanding the iceberg model
  • Revealing the system to itself
  • Practical exercise using the iceberg model
  • Group discussion & learnings
  • Discount code for booking the AWA Systems Thinking & Coaching course
  • Q & A


  • Learn what is a system
  • Understand your role in the system
  • Learn and apply the Iceberg model
  • Understand patterns and behaviours within a system
  • Find out where you can learn more
  • Find out how Bryter Work use systems thinking to help organisations solve their problems

Meet the Speakers

alan jennings
Alan Jennings

Alan Jennings is an Enterprise Agile Coach with experience leading large-scale digital transformations. He works with organisations to see where they are on their journey and helps create a pathway for them to achieve their goals.

Gemma Honour

Gemma Honour is Co-Founder and Director of Coaching at Bryter Work. She is an Agile Coach and Visual Facilitator, with experience leading an enterprise agile transformation for a Fortune 500 company. She works with organisations to help them uncover their super-powers and is making working life better.