level up your virtual learning games

Level Up Your Virtual Learning Games

with Carl Rogers & Rafa Ribeiro

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About this virtual learning games webinar:

Step into the virtual arena with Rafa Ribeiro and Carl Rogers for this FREE online meetup. Watch them play a collaborative megagame, translated from an in-person workshop to a virtual experience.

Carl and Rafa will talk about the value and purpose of learning games, along with some of their design considerations in adapting for online. They will do this while demonstrating what great online facilitation can look like.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Discover the value of learning games
  • See how Carl & Rafa take an in-person learning game into the online realm
  • Experiment with how the mechanics and dynamics of games can be adapted to achieve the desired learning outcomes
  • Take the opportunity to lean into Rafa’s experience in facilitating online, and the technology he uses to create a fun and engaging space for learning!

Here’s what the webinar covered:

  • Welcome and intro by Simon
  • About the Agile Animalia game and how it originated (in person)
  • Introduction to the online version of the game (virtual tour of the zoo, which teams will be playing and what they do – players choose their team)
  • Learnings from playing this game in-person and from converting it to online (including why this webinar got postponed)
  • Carl explains how the game works
  • Watch Carl & Rafa adapt and problem-solve in real-time!
  • Game starts – round 1!
  • Short review after round one (including an adorable Quokka). Input from the Animal Welfare Officer (Simon Powers)
  • Teams have separate retrospectives.
  • Discussion and agreements between heads of teams.
  • Development of an asynchronous communication system using the Mural board
  • Pre-planning together before round 2.
  • Zoo review following round 2.
  • Reflections and learnings from the game.
  • Q&A
  • Thank you and wrap-up

You can also read Carl’s debrief of the webinar over on LinkedIn.

Meet your hosts

Carl Rogers

Carl is an Agile Coach experienced in helping Fortune 500 and global organisations grow healthy agile culture bubbles and find their right-fit agility. Carl’s mission is to help people reframe, rethink and reimagine the way they work. Carl designs and facilitates fun, immersive, engaging spaces for learning using agile games, simulations, shared narratives, and collective decision-making.

Carl draws on a deep understanding of agile and lean thinking, facilitation and transformation experience to help organisations, teams, and individuals understand their current reality and take a structured, experiment-based approach to change.
Outside of work, Carl can often be found walking in the country around his Surrey village home, playing heavy euro games with his wife, and battling Pokemon with his daughters.

Join Carl from the 8th – 9th of February 2024 for his workshop Designing Agile Learning Games for Accelerated Learning.
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Rafael Ribeiro

Rafa is an Agile and Professional Coach. He helps his clients discover and become aware of their goals, reflect on their behaviours, and support their growth. Rafa has extensive experience working with co-located, distributed, and fully remote teams. He enjoys helping software teams in connecting logic reasoning with creative thinking and human-centered design. He has more than 15 years of experience working with clients from Telecom, Sports and Banking to name but a few.

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