My Role is Changing. Who Am I?

with Marcus De Vale + Gemma Honour

Wednesday, 5th of June

2:30 – 4pm BST

About this webinar

We are super excited to bring you this new 90 minute free workshop in partnership with the wonderful people at WorkVisible Studios and our sister company, Bryter Work.

Often, our job role is intrinsically linked to how we define ourselves, how we see our future, and the trajectory our career will take. But what happens when our role changes? How does this shift shape our identity and what value we bring to the world?

Change agents, teams and managers alike are navigating unprecedented changes, meaning many of us have to change teams, roles or even our careers. This change comes from many different market pressures, including organisational restructures, mergers and acquisitions and evolution of tech adoption (AI, Agile etc). Leading to the emergence of multidisciplinary roles, increased responsibility and pressure and even the risks of burnout and unemployment.

In this 90 minute workshop, Gemma Honour (Bryter Work Co-Founder + Graphic Recorder) and Marcus de Vale (WorkVisible Studios Director + Visual Facilitator) we’ll explore how visualisation can help map out our futures and create identities that serve our purpose, transcending the limitations of our roles. Examining how we can use this as a force for good rather than a source of fear. We will also speak to the intersection between team and individual identities and how we can support each other through times of change.

Key Outcomes:

  • Explore personal identity and how it relates to your role
  • Use visualisation to map possible futures
  • Identify which strengths and areas to build upon
  • Reflect on the session and key takeaways

Meet your hosts

Gemma BW

Marcus de Vale

Visual Facilitator & Director at WorkVisible Studios
“Amplify EVERYTHING with visual thinking!” is our answer when people ask how they can use visual thinking in their work. At WorkVisible Studios, we train our clients to provide them with visual facilitation skills. This enables them to create business illustrations, capture live talks and conversations, consult and facilitate outcomes in their work. We’re passionate about the power of visuals, drawing and storytelling to create a significant impact for individuals, teams and whole organisations. Over the years Marcus has trained and run visual workshops for companies such as DWP, Roche, Adobe, Bupa, Emergn and RedHat and spoken at conferences such as Lean Agile London.

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Gemma Honour

Director of Coaching & Director at Bryter Work
With experience leading an enterprise agile transformation for a Fortune 500 company, Gemma works with organisations to help them uncover their super-powers. Gemma brings energy and colour to everything she does and is highly skilled in creating and holding memorable workshops and coaching sessions that get people sharing understanding, thinking creatively and working together effectively.

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