Setting your Teams & Organisation up for Success in 2024

with Gemma Honour, David Lowe & John Inge Hervik

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About this webinar

Are you ready to make this a year of success and realise greater value for customers? Keen to avoid the patterns of yesteryear? 

If you’re a change agent, manager or leader wanting to set up your teams and product delivery for success, this webinar is a must-watch!

In this insightful session, the panel explores strategies and techniques essential for resetting and refreshing your teams, ensuring they stay on the path to high performance throughout the year. They share techniques that not only foster collaboration but also boost innovation and better value delivery. Helping you create high-performing teams AND better products. 

Together they also highlight common pitfalls to avoid, drawing from the lessons of our collective experience to ensure you start fresh and leave old patterns behind.

Key topics:

  • Techniques for Resetting and Refreshing Teams: Discover proven methods to ignite motivation and drive within your teams from the very beginning.
  • What to do: Learn engaging team-building activities and tips that will foster strong bonds and improve teamwork.
  • What to Avoid: Gain insights into common mistakes that can hinder team collaboration and how to steer clear of them.


1. My team lack motivation

  • The People Belief
  • Motivation, meaning and purpose
  • Outcomes vs. outputs
  • The Enterprise Change Pattern
  • How leaders can support their people

2. My team aren’t working well together

  • Conflict
  • Creating a safe place
  • Positive conflict resolution
  • A metaphor of the team story as a film (the ending can be changed!)
  • Serious play & visualisation
  • Common understanding of roles and values
  • In-person connection builds trust and empathy

3. My team is feeling overwhelmed

  • Focus on purpose
  • Limit how much we are doing
  • Prioritisation is difficult in a state of burnout
  • REST (physical, mental, creative, emotional and spiritual) looks different for each of us
  • Circle of Control
  • Plan in iterations & break it down. Find the next step.
  • Capacity over perception. Doing too much is inefficient.

Meet the speakers

gemma honour

Gemma Honour

With experience leading an enterprise agile transformation for a Fortune 500 company, Gemma works with organisations to help them uncover their super-powers.

Gemma brings energy and colour to everything she does and is highly skilled in creating and holding memorable workshops and coaching sessions that get people sharing understanding, thinking creatively and working together effectively.

John Inge

John Inge Hervik

John Inge Hervik is Head of Training at AWA Norge. He has more than 15 years experience in agile ways of working. From a technical software development background, he has also studied psychology and coaching.

John Inge’s approach to agility is value-based, and focuses on contributing to improvements in the organisations he works for. This approach emphasises increased trust, good communication, continuous learning and a defined agile mindset. The result is better anchored organisational and process changes where value creation is at the centre.

David Lowe

David is a coach and trainer whose approach is underpinned by the belief that everyone has the right to improve their work and personal lives. He spends his time between coaching and training people, teams and organisations, and has worked with a range of different companies across a number of sectors. When he is not training or coaching, David is researching a doctoral in coaching at Oxford Brookes University.