the agile coach ego problem webinar

The Agile Coach “Ego” Problem!

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About this webinar:

After 100+ classes of our popular Agile Team Coach course and over 1400 students, we have noticed and confirmed over and over again what the biggest blocker is for someone wanting to master Agile Coaching… 

This statement does not come from our own Ego as trainers. Rather, it comes from the actual data, insights, experiences and feedback from our dear students over the last five years. 

We’ve met, coached, mentored, facilitated, supported, guided, and taught a huge variety of different types of Coaches, Managers, Team Leaders and Scrum Masters. As a result, we have a deep understanding of what makes an agile team really great and what doesn’t. And probably not for the reasons you would expect.

In this webinar, David and Rafa share the three underlying issues holding back Scrum Masters, Team or Agile Coaches from fulfilling their potential and unlocking growth and performance in the teams they serve.

So, what is the Agile Coach Ego Problem?


  • David and Rafa share their experiences, including three key reasons that hinder the growth of Scrum Masters, Coaches, and Team Leaders, and how they have helped their students and clients overcome them.
  • Discover why it’s not only necessary but essential that these challenges are addressed to unlock the potential of agile teams so your change initiatives can move forward.
  • Hear about common challenges that other coaches and organisations face and ways in which they have tried to overcome them.
  • Learning and development pathways and resources that will support your growth and success.

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