the unwinnable game meetup

The Unwinnable Game

An AWA Global & Bryter Work Meetup

with Carl Rogers

About this Meetup:

This dynamic in-person Meetup was designed to spark curiosity and initiate conversations around the complexities of agile transformations. Together, we played The Unwinnable Game, billed as a psychologically unsafe game of failing agile transformations (don’t worry it was a safe place for learning and fun!). This engaging Scrumban style party game offered a unique opportunity to explore the human dynamics and leadership challenges that often fly under the radar in organisational change initiatives.

Inspired by the thought provoking article by John Cutler on Winnable and Winnable Games, game creator Carl Rogers has taken the metaphor a literal step further with this collaborative game.
We walked away with fresh perspectives, thought-provoking questions, and valuable new connections. It was a brief yet impactful experience that left us pondering long after we had left.

Carl’s new course

In addition to watching this Meetup, why not join Carl for a transformative 2-day journey, where agility connects with inventive game design, catalysing enriched understanding and impactful learning? Learn more & book here.

What did we gain from the experience?

  • Focused Insights: Gain a targeted understanding of the human and leadership dynamics that can make or break agile transformations.
  • Strategic Networking: Connected with like-minded professionals facing similar challenges and opportunities in change initiatives.
  • Actionable Takeaways: Returned to work with key insights and questions that can guide our approach to aligned goals, leadership action logics, and inclusive change strategies.

What we discovered at this Meetup:

  • Human Dynamics Unveiled: We explored the psychological motivations and human intricacies that so often derail agile transformations.
  • Alignment & Shared Goals: Witnessed firsthand the vital role that common objectives and aligned incentives play in any organisational change.
  • Leadership Action Logic: Explored the varying action logics at play, and why leaders may support or sabotage change goals.
  • Inclusive Transformation: Grasped the necessity of involving everyone in the change process.

Meet your host

carl rogers

Carl Rogers

Carl is an Agile Coach experienced in helping Fortune 500 and global organizations grow healthy agile culture bubbles and find their right-fit agility. Carl’s mission is to help people reframe, rethink and reimagine the way they work. Carl designs and facilitates fun, immersive, engaging spaces for learning using agile games, simulations, shared narratives, and collective decision-making.
Carl draws on a deep understanding of agile and lean thinking, facilitation and transformation experience to help organisations, teams, and individuals understand their current reality and take a structured, experiment-based approach to change.
Outside of work, Carl can often be found walking in the country around his Surrey village home, playing heavy euro games with his wife, and battling Pokemon with his daughters.

Designing Agile Learning Games for Transformative Impact

Finally, join Carl from the 7th – 8th of December for his workshop Designing Agile Learning Games for Transformative Impact.
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