The AWA Story

The AWA Story – Making working life better

AWA’s primary mission is to bring hope. Hope that working life can be better, more enjoyable, and more successful. AWA is about getting results by putting people over process. This requires a deep commitment to self-development, team development, and organisational development. We find ourselves in a fast paced and uncertain world where good leadership is more important than ever. AWA helps leaders and change agents of all job roles to make working life better through better practice, better structures, and being better people.

This page is a summary of our history. Some of you may have fond memories of the events listed here, and we hope that many more of you will join us in the events of the future and help us change the way business is done across the planet.

Simon and Heather Powers create the AWA meetup group and form the first ever community of
practice focused on organisational agility. Every month from now AWA runs a
free in-person community event and publishes all videos to the AWA YouTube Channel.

Charley Kent starts work for AWA as a part time Marketing Manager.

AWA flies the first international speakers to London and trials out a new innovative way to fund free public community of practices. AWA flies Craig Larman, co-creator of Large Scale Scrum to run the world’s first LeSS class and Scott Ambler to run the the UK’s first DA class. AWA runs two free community events hosting these thought leaders. You can watch Craig Larman and Scott Ambler at these amazing events on our YouTube channel.

AWA goes global. AWA hosts our first ever agile community meetup in New York. We later go on to host events in Australia, Germany, Portugal, Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, South Africa, and many international online events.

Simon Powers is recognised through the award for the best agile implementation in the public sector for 2015 for his work in leading the transformation at Bristol City Council, UK.

Charley becomes AWA’s first full time employee.

Simon Powers creates the AWA consultancy. AWA hires our first customer relationship manager and working with Bloomberg as our first client, Simon built a strong team of trainers and coaches, that would work together to help many organisations adopt agile ways of working.

AWA community reaches 1000 members

AWA hosts Sharron Bowman and brings Training from the Back of the Room into the Agile community. Since then TBR has become the prominent format for training agile classes and has been adopted by ICAgile, the industries foremost certification authority.

AWA brings Don Reinertson and his work on Lean Product Development and Flow, into the Agile community through his class, community meetup, and an interview.

Simon Powers with the help of the AWA team wins two awards.Simon wins the Most Popular Conference Speaker in 2015 / 2016 and the team wins the award for the people who have done the most to promote agile globally.

AWA launches the ICAgile certified Agile Coaching (ICP-ACC) and Facilitation (ICP-ATF) courses. We are the only provider to offer coaching clinic calls every month to make sure students are able to apply what they have learnt in the real world outside of the classroom and to offer a ongoing for-life slack community to all attendees of every AWA course.

AWA launches one of the worlds first ICAgile certified Enterprise Agile Masterclass ICP-ENT.

AWA launches the worlds first ICAgile certified Enterprise Agile Coaching ICP-CAT.

Simon Powers joins the ICAgile panel to set the industry bar on Enterprise Coaching for Agility and helps define the ICAgile Expert competency framework and what it means to be an Enterprise Coach.

AWA community reaches 3000 members

AWA sponsors Agile and Coaching conferences all over the world, including Agile 2019, Seacon, and the Agile Tour London

AWA moves into bigger offices overlooking Tower Bridge and St. Katherines Docks in central London.

AWA launches a 9 month cohort program for Enterprise Coaches to develop themselves and their organisations. This is a worldclass program that sets the highest bar for organisation and personal growth and changes the playing field for everyone.

AWA works around the clock to get all of our courses online. Like most workers, we are working from home due to Covid restrictions. Our team spirit shines and we achieve a complete rewrite to a fully interactive online format in just under 6 weeks. We help other people to do the same and reach out to other companies, even competitors, to make sure they are also doing ok in these difficult times.

AWA global comunity members including those signed up to our Agile Onion community email reaches 8000.

AWA launches the worlds first online global community of practice for Organisational Change that includes all elements needed to make Enterprise Transformation work. It is part of the LEAP© program. LEAP stands for Leadership, Enterprise Coaching, Agility, and Professional Coaching.


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