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What We Do

Team Coaching

If you need help getting a new team(s) started on the path to high-performance or your existing teams need a bit of a kick start, we can help.

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Team of Teams Coaching

High-impact workshops and coaching for multiple teams and managers on the same product / portfolio.

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Levers for Cultural Change - AWA Training Material

Leadership Coaching

A structured goal-orientated series of coaching sessions to align your own behaviours to your goals.

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Why AWA?

Agile is more than process implementation. It is a personal, team and organisational shift in the way we do business. There are process changes and behavioural changes that are required to make Enterprise Agility work.

AWA has deep experience in both process and people development. Through our consultancy we have helped many organisations in the UK and USA, on their journey to agility. We customise our approach to suit your context and offer interactive workshops based training for all areas of agility.

There is no one better placed to help you achieve high-performing leadership teams, lean-structured business, and ultimately success in the marketplace through enterprise agility.

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Experienced & Certified

Professional Coaches
Certified Workshops
Industry Wide Experience

How We Have Helped

7 Warning Signs You’re Building the Wrong Thing & Why You Need to Slow Down

Find out why this team were building the wrong thing resulting in a high number of defects,  low-quality product, and unhappy customers and what we did to fix this.

We Helped This Team Plan & Deliver Better

We worked with a team who were experiencing several problems which were affecting their ability to plan and deliver.

How We Increased Throughput & Collaboration

In 9 months we helped decrease the defect rate from 34% to 4% and avoided a very costly rewrite at a large banking client.

What Is Agile?

Over the last few years, the word agile has taken on different meanings and used in multiple contexts. So what is Agile? And why is it so hard for beginners to get their head round it? Our Head of Consultancy, Simon Powers explains all in this article.

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