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Agile Coaching & Consultancy

Through our immersive and relevant training, coaching and consulting; we have helped many organisations like yours deliver better products and services, resulting in faster time to market and delighted customers. Our team of experienced and certified Agile, Scrum and Kanban coaches, trainers and consultants, understand what it takes to unlock your teams’ potential with consistent agile & lean expertise. Our aim is to help you develop an internal agile capability through coaching from team to leadership level.

Our Approach

Whether you are implementing agile / lean or working with Scrum, SAFe, LeSS or DAD, and are struggling to produce the value you expected, then we can help.  From a single coach or Scrum Master, to a strategic team of coaches, we have the right people to suit your needs.

We provide coaching for all levels of your agile delivery and transformation programme. Our people are skilled, experienced and certified; providing coaching, training and mentoring, until you have developed an internal capability.

By working with AWA Consultancy you will achieve a sustainable approach to agile transformation, resulting in better collaboration between IT and Business, ability to change direction quickly and faster time to market.

Experienced & Certified

Certified Agile Coaches
Certified Scrum and Kanban
LeSS, Disciplined Agile & SAFe
Certified TFBR Trainers

Team Coaching  (1-2 teams)

Our team coaches are a mix of certified Scrum Masters and Kanban coaches who understand what it takes to build high-performing teams. Whether you need 1 Scrum Master or more, our people are experienced, certified and ready to support your agile delivery.

Multi-Team Coaching (3-8 Teams)

Agile coaches operate at a multi-team level, providing coaching, training and mentoring. Our coaches are experienced and well-respected, having worked with our enterprise clients in important areas like portfolio planning and technical enablement.

Agile at Scale (9+ Teams)

Our coaches and consultants will work with you to define your strategy for adopting agile at scale. We will create an agile framework that will be contextual to your organisation; coaching and mentoring your teams throughout the whole process.

We reduced the amount of defected code teams created by 80%

Case Study

How we improved throughput and collaboration with Behaviour Driven Development at a well-known global investment bank.

Onsite Training

Training is a key part of personal and organisational success. Most of our courses can be delivered privately at your office, which can prove to be more cost and time effective. We can customise in-house training for your leadership, management, and teams, fitting with all parts of the organisation. We can then focus on your actual work when learning rather than just theoretical training. Our trainers are all consultants, actively practising what they train, able to answer real world problems; resulting in knowledge you can use in your day-to-day.

Disciplined Agile Partners

As Disciplined Agile Partners, Adventures with Agile are the only Agile Consultancy in the UK that has been authorised to help organisations like yours with their Disciplined Agile adoption.

We can help with:

  • Consulting
  • Coaching
  • Workshops
  • Training

Why Us?

We understand what it takes to grow a successful company  Many consultancies, consultants, and coaches operate from a theoretical stand point. We have real world experience in delivering effective change programs.

Combined power of the whole consultancy We leverage the power of the whole consultancy and our wider support network, giving you significantly more value and experience than other providers.

Our people are simply the best Everyone who works at AWA has been chosen because they have been part of a wider public community of practice driving change and innovation forwards in this space. We rigorously interview all of our staff, provide continuous improvement and training, and empower them with the tools they need to support you.

Backed by global support & world-renowned training Our global support network and world-class connections give you access to the best materials and people providing a real head start.

Award Winning

We’re an award winning consultancy.
 We support agile delivery and transformation programmes, supply expertise, and provide coaching, mentoring and training.