Business Agility Coaching

Agile is easy to understand but difficult to get right. We bridge the gap.

Why now?

Over the last decade, we have witnessed hundreds of companies undertake multi-year agile transformations that, regardless of industry, follow the same few patterns. These patterns frequently include costly and time-consuming challenges that could have been avoided. By leveraging our expertise, we help you avoid these challenges and accelerate your success with our Agile Strategy that works.

Our approach for Business Agility works. Here's why we are different:

We are your partners
We work in partnership with you to develop your agile strategy. Our approach is incremental, realises value quickly, and minimises risk.

Agile strategy is execution
With Agile ways of working, different levels of strategy evolve alongside each other and are proven by execution. The learning from doing provides new information to update strategy and so on. It is iterative, interactive, fun, and most importantly allows the business to evolve in real-time and not in large multiyear change programs.

Build long-lasting capability
Agile strategy evolves as your business evolves and as the market changes. We equip you with the capabilities you need to execute against your strategy and to ensure the growth of your organisation long after we leave. Agile change is done using agility. We model the behaviours we expect to see, partner with you to create the strategy, and coach, mentor, and guide you to implement that strategy to achieve the right business objectives. It is all done incrementally, with high transparency, and always focused on tangible outcomes.

The most critical component of success is good working relationships. We model this through a positive working relationship with you and unlike traditional consultants and strategists, we approach everything we do with an agile mindset, transparency, and collaboration, which enables us to put you and your business first.

How we can help your business

Our approach is unique because we partner with you to develop a clear plan of action by combining our expertise with your on-the-ground knowledge. We encourage enthusiasm, ownership, and deep insights that shine a light on the next steps needed to achieve your business outcomes.

Working with us gives you:

  • A complete picture of the current situation
  • Alignment on business outcomes and assigned accountability, ownership, and metrics around each outcome
  • Clear leadership goals, mindset, and ways of working
  • A well-defined and achievable Agile Operating Model that complements your culture and is ready to implement
  • Clarity on the challenges and risks that must be overcome, as well as advice on how to do so
  • Clarity on skills and capability gaps and how to fill them
  • Faster route to agility
  • Competitive advantage in achieving your business goals.
  • Day to day help in your teams

Does this sound familiar?

Mindset and culture shift tensions
To make agility work, the strategy must be developed with the right mindset in order to create the right culture. This is very hard, if not impossible, for people who have not worked with agile before and large consultancies rarely operate in an agile way. We have been working in an agile way for nearly a decade.

Multiple stakeholders and systemwide failure
You are likely to face this challenge if your company works with a large number of different Agile coaches and providers. Bottom-up tactics with no board-level ownership amplify this. ​Our impartial and holistic guidance ensures a centralised strategy that considers regional, cultural factors while optimising for overall business success.

Change Fatigue
Many organisations who have begun to engage with agility through inconsistent or bottom-up approaches get varying degrees of success. People get tired of change. We bring a fresh perspective that reignites enthusiasm and ownership.

If you are experiencing similar challenges then your next step is to get in touch with us today.

How we work together

We are a boutique consultancy that specialises in working with big organisations. Because there are very few people with our level of knowledge and expertise, we remain focused and only work with a limited number of clients at a time. This allows us to develop a strong bond with you and your company, enabling us to provide the level of support and service you require.

Working with us is simple due to our flexibility.

Each step of our approach is clear and valuable, resulting in an iterative approach to agile strategy, with each iteration having a clear actionable path for execution with a measurable business outcome.

Let’s talk about how we can partner together to get the results you need

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Our strategists have extensive experience as change agents and in driving organisational change programs. They have worked with a wide range of clients from a variety of industries. This is what makes our strategy so successful.

Our approach to execution is simple. Once we’ve partnered on the high-level strategy, we iteratively begin to implement agile ways for working. We learn from doing and upgrade deeper levels of the strategy. This is moving towards agility in an agile way. We upskill your employees and help them find their feet.  This is not only a fast way to implement important changes and see results quickly, but it’s also critical to ensure your organisation can move to a place where you utilise agility after we have gone.

Yes.  We are the premier provider of training and coaching dedicated to helping businesses and individuals unlock transformational leadership and organisational agility. We’ve trained thousands of people throughout the world using our people-led approach, providing them with latest skills and competencies required for organisational success. We have pioneered many of the models and approaches used by organisations using agility to succeed. We have trained Agile coaches for all of the big consultancies and their clients, as well as thousands of independent coaches and those working in large companies.

Our training is unique because it bridges the gap between agility, which is easy to understand, and implementation, which is very hard to do. Our trainers actively work inside organisations, leveraging agility to solve real business problems. Our training transfers this wisdom through our unique blend of training and coaching and mentoring. This is extremely powerful since it enables learners to not only understand but also how to make a meaningful impact in a real-world context.

Our Agile Journey
People Trained
We have trained over 8000 people, supporting them on their agile transformation journey. Our learners are making a difference in their teams and organisations.
Years Combined Experience
Our expert trainers have over 500 years combined real world experience. They actively work inside organisations, bringing agility to solve real business problems.
Customer Satisfaction
Our expert trainers, and interactive classes prove to be a winner among our customers and we're proud to have received fantastic feedback and a 99% customer satisfaction score.
Countries Served
We're a global agile training provider and we are proud to have supported people across 70+ countries with our transformational courses and programs.
Organisations Supported
We have worked with some of the biggest companies providing agile transformational solutions. We're proud to have worked with companies across a variety of sectors.
Courses delivered
We're proud to have reached a remarkable milestone, delivering over 1000 courses with our highly interactive "learn by doing" teaching approach.

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