Disciplined Agile Consultancy & Coaching

As Disciplined Agile Bronze Partners, Adventures with Agile are the only Disciplined Agile Consultancy in the UK that has been authorised to help organisations like yours with their Disciplined Agile adoption.

Why Disciplined Agile (DA)?disciplined agile consultancy

Disciplined Agile is a light-weight but pragmatic and empirical IT solution delivery framework that works with most agile methods, including Scrum, Kanban and SAFe. DA doesn’t seek to replace your chosen agile method(s), but instead enables your agile transformation in the wider context of the organisation by providing advice and information on the full aspect of solution delivery, including – architecture, design, testing, programming, documentation and deployment. Thus allowing you to make better decisions to optimise your organisation for agility.

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How we can help

Disciplined Agile Consultancy & Coaching

We can provide our experienced coaches and consultants to work with your team(s), management and leadership to help with your agile transformation using the Disciplined Agile framework. Our consultants are some of the most experienced and motivated people in the industry, each supported by our global network and regular internal team trainings. As a consultancy, we have extensive experience working with the DA framework and recently implemented a DAD & SAFe hybrid solution.

What we do includes:

  • Enterprise Coaching & Transformation
    • Organisational Design
    • Backlock Prioritisation
    • Agile Governance
  • Team Coaching & Mentoring
  • Agile Training & Workshops


As the only Disciplined Agile Certified Trainers in the UK, we offer both publicly scheduled training courses as well as in-house training that can be tailored to suit your needs. Because we provide both coaching and training, this means once we deliver initial training our coaches can follow up the learning with hands-on coaching and mentoring.

Why us?

Have one conversation with us, rather than many contractors Don’t do lengthy, risky recruitment, instead have one engagement with us.

Combined power of the whole consultancy Together we are far more powerful than a group of individual contractors.

You can ramp up or down, quickly & safely Coaches are not always needed full-time for long periods. This is because it takes time to absorb and practice what we bring. You can ramp up or down quickly, saving cost.

Backed by global support & world-renowned training Our global support network and world-class training makes our coaches the most supported and trained in the world.

We’re an award winning consultancy
 that enables organisations to adopt Agile at scale, successfully.  We facilitate large-scale organisational change programmes, supply expert Agile team members, and provide coaching, mentoring and training.