People First Business Coaching

Agile is easy to understand but difficult to get right.
Bridge the gap with our sister company.

What is Bryter Work?

Our sister company, Bryter Work, is a people first business coaching consultancy, that builds an organisation’s confidence and capability both in making change and how to measure that change. Bryter Work does this by creating inclusive cultures where innovation and high performance thrive through value-driven, highly-targeted workshop-based solutions.

Bryter Work was created out of AWA Global, and continues our mission of ‘Making working life better’.
We recognised that since the pandemic there have been enormous cultural shifts for companies, meaning that staff are harder to retain and keep engaged, our relationship with the physical office is changing, and market conditions mean that we have a need for agility in both business and leadership.

We felt that we were well placed to help take a coaching approach to these problems, to help build businesses that are better to work within and have the vision, strategy and leadership to succeed in changing markets.

People first business coaching
Bryter Work

Why choose Bryter Work?

  • Bryter Work leverages all of AWA’s pioneering models, skills, training, and experience gained over the last 10 years supporting 1000s of clients in every sector, all over the world
  • Our sister company grows your capability to develop innovative solutions to the most challenging problems facing your organisation, both now and in the future
  • Bryter Work helps businesses like yours to create and communicate your desired outcomes, demonstrate your impact, and track your progress through new ways of working
  • The team work with you, seamlessly fitting right into what you’re doing right now, generating enthusiasm and creating results, while ensuring everyone is included
  • Bryter Work think long-term and ensure the capacity building needed to take your organisation to the next level.
  • This approach puts people first. The most important success criteria are good working relationships. Bryter Work ensure this through a focus on agile thinking and human relationships.

Why coaching?

Coaching is a creative and thought-provoking process, where you use your own resources to achieve personal or professional goals. People first business coaching creates organisational change.

Change is a gradual process, which requires you to work on several different levels at the same time. We help and guide you through this entire process. Firstly, we help you figure out what you can achieve as an individual. Next, we help you start the change process and continue on this journey. Finally, we help you take over on your own, without our help.

Our goal is for those we work with to continue the work themselves after we have finished the programme.

Let’s talk about how Bryter Work can help you