Project to Product Transition Coaching

Moving from a project to product centric ways of working to leverage the power of agility resulting in your organisation’s ability to get better products to market in more efficient ways requires a significant shift in the way your teams work, how they communicate (and think), and how they are managed. This is where we help.

We work with you and your staff to bake agility into the core of your organisation by:

  • Establishing product development flow
  • Growing flourishing continuous improvement practices
  • Embedding a coaching culture
  • Creating healthy communication channels throughout your organisation

Our expert team have deep experience working with organisations like yours to adopt new ways of working so that your staff can:

  • Lead in a Product Centric Transition
  • Steer Work in a Product Centric Organisation
  • Optimise Governance and Cross Product Prioritisation
  • Improve Communication Lines across the Organisation

We do this by working with you across three different levels:

  • Leadership: Prioritise and limit work in progress on which improved flow depends and safely transition to leadership styles that foster agility and unblock systemic issues
  • Product: Product flow across the portfolio of all products, manage dependencies and escalations from teams
  • Team:  Upskill, align and improve productivity, collaboration and motivation

This is achieved through our trusted and proven blended approach of coaching, mentoring and training that deepens and embeds learning.

Here are just some of the outcomes we help our clients, like you, achieve:

  • A clear motivating vision that everyone in the company understands
  • Teams who are aligned and working in the same way
  • Shared understanding of what’s important
  • Identified and agreed driving factors for success and what holds you back
  • Ability to spot and minimise risks in product centric agile delivery
  • Refined understanding and ability to prioritise and slice work effectively
  • Joined up IT & business strategy
  • Tangible measurable business outcomes for all work
  • Ability to manage interdependencies to maximise flow
  • Empowered team members / managers who can drive decisions
  • Optimised governance
  • Established and ready to use information radiators and reporting dashboards
  • Established vibrant communities of practice
  • Collaborative, high-performing teams organised around customer value

Who would benefit?
team members, team leads, new teams, existing teams, managers and senior managers and leadership

Delivery method?
online or in person

For enquiries:
0203 369 1125

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