Agile Coaching & Facilitation Training

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Our learners attend the Agile Team Coach and Agile Team Facilitator courses to gain professional coaching skills to help their teams resolve blockers preventing them from success and learn to create and facilitate meetings for maximum impact. Both classes can be taken independently or as a 5 day bootcamp.

“Absolutely excellently delivered course – a masterclass in facilitation and coaching. Content was superb and the vibe in the class on all three days was phenomenal. Thank you!”

Our Agile Coaching & Facilitation classes include the ICAgile-Certified Agile Team Coach and Agile Team Facilitator. You have the option to take these classes separately (book using our training pass to save up to £500) or as a week-long intensive bootcamp.

During these highly interactive trainings, we cover professional coaching, team dynamics, conflict resolution, high performing teams, facilitating agile ceremonies and meetings. You will gain the skills and know-how to help the teams you work with to overcome challenges they face and create engaging meetings that result in agreed outcomes. If you want to gain the professional coaching and effective facilitation skills for coaching agile teams then this is the training to attend.

You will also be eligible to attain both the ICAgile-Certified Professional – Agile Coaching and Agile Team Facilitation certifications.


Agile Team Coach: 20th – 22nd February
in London – save £150 by booking before 6th Feb!

Agile Team Facilitator: 25th – 26th March
in London – save £150 by booking before 11th March!

Agile Team Coach: 27th – 29th March
in Jersey City – save $250 by booking before 28th Feb!

Agile Team Coach: 3rd – 5th April
in London – save £150 by booking before 20th March!

Agile Coach Bootcamp 20th – 24th May
in Lisbon – save €350 by booking Agile Team Coach and Facilitator together

Agile Team Facilitator: 10th – 11th June
in Chicago – save $250 by booking before 13th May

Agile Team Coach: 12th – 14th June
in Chicago – save $250 by booking before 15th May


Agile Team Coach Modules:

  • Team Emotional Intelligence
  • Defining agile coaching
  • The agile mindset
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Achieving self-awareness
  • Coaching principles, contract & patterns
  • Neuroscience and coaching
  • Coaching vs Mentoring
  • Training & Facilitation
  • Conducting the Coaching Conversation
  • Goal & action based outcomes
  • Presence & Listening
  • Giving & receiving feedback
  • Powerful questions
  • Creating a psychologically safe environment
  • Understanding team development
  • Setting up the team environment
  • Creating a team kickoff / startup agenda
  • Characteristics of an agile team
  • Coaching the journey towards high-performance
  • Handling organisational Impediments
  • Planning to facilitate a conflict within a team
  • Putting it into practice

Agile Team Facilitation Modules

  • Introduction to facilitation
  • How Agile facilitation differs from pure facilitation
  • Intro and practice of Core facilitation skills
  • Designing meetings for maximum impact
  • Models and tools for facilitation
  • Practice facilitating key Agile meetings
  • Putting it all together
  • Assessment


“One of the most engaging and creative courses I have been on that flew very naturally and made me feel well equipped to be a facilitator in any situation.” – Harsh Kesarwani – Project Manager

“Superbly facilitated and incredibly engaging. Reinforced areas I knew, taught me about areas I did not know.” – John Harrison – Scrum Master

“Amazing course with a lot of practise and feedback on your personal facilitation technique.” – Louisa Mensah – Agile Coach

“Interactive, fun and very practical session to learn to facilitate meetings.”– Manika Agrawal

“Great 2-days filled with lots of tips and tricks. Opportunity to reflect and improve.” – Nicole Ruszkowski – Agile Delivery Coach

“Absolutely excellently delivered course – a masterclass in facilitation and coaching. Content was superb and the vibe in the class on all three days was phenomenal. Thank you :)”

“I am a happy, enthusiastic Scrum Master and I have to say this makes me realise where my next step in my career journey will be. Loved this training so much and I feel a better person now! Thank you to the AWA amazing team!” – Bianca Schobel – Scrum Master

“This has had a significant impact on both my career and my life!” – Mike Ferrie

“Genuine coaching course from a genuine coach, highly recommended.” – Mike Horwath – Agile Coach

“This training helps a lot, a very good trainer. The material given is very helpful. I can’t wait to really implement it in real life.” – Anna – Scrum Master

“This class was awesome and one of the best trainers I have ever had.” – Michele LeSoine – Scrum Master

“The trainer delivered the content superbly. The course was engaging & eye opening.” – Jason Taylor – Agile Coach


ATC – 3 day
ATF – 2 days
the bootcamp is 5 days


ATC: from £1250 / €1400
ATF: from £1150 / €1300
Bootcamp / Training Pass:
£2300 / €2450

ex VAT


t: 0203 369 1125


  • acquire skills in professional coaching, create safe environments and how to resolve conflict.
  • learn how to foster collaboration and enable self-organizing teams using facilitation.
  • help your teams to resolve blockers that are preventing them from success.
  • stand out from the crowd with the ICAgile-Certified Professional Agile Coach  & Agile Team Facilitator certifications.
  • demonstrate that you have the skill set to do the work required of an Agile Team Coach & Facilitator.
  • illustrate your commitment to professional mastery.


  • ScrumMasters
  • Agile Project Managers
  • Agile Coaches and aspiring coaches
  • Execs
  • Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Project Managers
  • Iteration Managers
  • Product Owners
  • Business Analysts
  • and anyone with the desire to explore the power of facilitation.


These courses are accredited by the International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile) as fulfilling all Learning Objectives in the Agile Team Facilitation and Agile Coaching tracks. After successful completion of these courses, you can apply for the ICAgile-Certified Professional-Agile Facilitation (ICP-ATF) and ICAgile-Certified Professional-Agile Coaching (ICP-ACC). These continuing education certifications are a key step toward achieving the ICAgile Expert-Agile Coaching (ICE-AC), the industry’s first competence-based certification. There are ongoing assessments throughout the classes as well as practical assessments at the end of each course that you will need to pass. As long as the trainers believe you have demonstrated competence and that you have understood the learning objectives and you do not miss more than 1 hour of the course then you will receive the certification. The certifications are included in the price of the courses. Following the classes you will receive an email from ICAgile with your Certification.

By attending these courses you will be eligible to earn up to 30 Category C SEU Points.


These are intermediate-level courses for practitioners with at least 6 months of hands-on agile experience. You will build upon the experience you already have working with agile teams.



Simon Powers is the founder of Adventures with Agile, the global community of practice for agile and organizational change. Simon is a world class facilitator and trainer. Over the last decade Simon has worked in organizations moving towards agile ways of working, his approach has led him to create a series of ICAgile Certified Enterprise Agile Coaching training courses, which have received high praise from both the communities in London and worldwide.

As a coach, he works with the board of directors or senior managers to transform the way that they see themselves, each other, and their organizations. The results are better organizational design, better processes, more engaged staff, and an organization that is customer focused and more successful.

Simon has hosted and trained with some of the world’s foremost thought leaders including Craig Larman and Bas Vodde (creators of Large Scale Scrum), Lyssa Adkins (Coaching Agile Teams), Scott Ambler and Mark Lines (Disciplined Agile), Sharon Bowman (Training from the Back of the Room), David Snowden (Cynefin and Sense maker), David Anderson (Kanban), Don Reinertsen (Lean Product Delivery), Michael Sahota (Leadership), Alistair Cockburn (Heart of Agile), and many others. Simon has won awards for the person who has done the most to promote agile globally in 2016, the most popular agile conference speaker in 2016, and was part of the program that won the best implementation of agile in the UK public sector in 2015. He has lectured at university, spoken at conferences all over the world, writes for the AWA blog, and has released multiple white papers.



Over the past 18 years, Georg has developed a passion and proficiency in Digital Product Development while working predominantly in the banking and engineering spaces. His experience transitioned to Agile in 2010. Having practiced as Product Owner and also as Scrum Master provides him an intriguing blend of complementing perspectives. Georg now improves the flow and happiness for people, and products, through coaching and training.

Georg is a mentor and servant to the community, proof of his vicarious quest to help others achieve their goals. His dedication to continual learning has made him extremely effective as an Agile Coach in accomplishing huge wins for his clients, which include major finance and tech corporations. As a qualified Personal and Business Coach, he also enables individuals become even better versions of themselves.

Georg’s quest for adventure once led him to a treacherous part of the world where he conquered, gutted and fried up the commonly feared Piranha in the Amazon Basin. He thrives in challenging situations as he continues his coaching & training practice today in London, England.


Philiy has been working with teams of people helping them deliver creative products and services for over a decade. Philiy’s tech career began as a QA on a waterfall project she quickly began searching for a better way of working and discovered Agile and Scrum. It was love at first sight and since then Philiy’s passion to make working lives better has driven her to continuously develop her Agile knowledge and skills in Professional Coaching, Training and Facilitation.

For Philiy, everything Agile coaches do is underpinned by Professional Coaching skills and the Neuroscience that underpins coaching skills. To truly facilitate large scale and lasting change we have to understand how human beings change on a personal level and work with that natural process.

Philiy is a CSP, Barefoot Personal & Business Coaching Graduate, International Coaching Federation Member and is currently working on her thesis for an MA in Personal & Business coaching. Philiy took part in a ‘Neuroscience for Coaches’ programme with noted author and coach Amy Brann. Philiy is also part of the Training from the back of the room Certified Trainer Team

Philiy has worked extensively with scrum teams and leaders across multiple industries. Today, Philiy is an Agile Coach working with the team leading an agile transition at a global organisation of 20,000+ employees.



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