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Expert In Agile Coaching Cohort (ICE-AC)

Starts 12 May 2021. Book now for early bird prices.


Adventures with Agile is delighted to present – The Expert In Agile Coaching Cohort (ICE-AC) – an experiential program that significantly deepens Agile Coaching Practice.

Are you ready to dramatically advance your skilfulness and impact as an Agile Coach, Mentor, Trainer, and Facilitator?
Are you ready to take a dive deep into your own self-development and apply this to your working life?

This is your opportunity.

The Expert In Agile Coaching Cohort takes what you learnt in the Agile Coaching and Facilitating courses and goes much deeper into your application of these skills, tools, and techniques. You will explore these topics thoroughly and apply these at your place of work within the teams you coach and get help when you find your own, your teams, or your organisation’s blockers in moving towards high performance.

Under the guidance of your program leaders and mentors, and within a powerful community environment, you will be both supported and challenged to move toward and beyond whatever personal challenges you’ve had difficulty with (or didn’t know you had).


This transformative program includes:

  • 16 cohort calls. One call every two weeks (90 minutes) – starting 12 May 2021
  • 2 one to one coaching sessions
  • 2 assessment calls to make sure you are progressing well against the ICAgile competencies.
  • Additional 3-day (or 5 long half-day sessions online) of experiential training towards during the program
  • Lots of coaching sessions with other attendees
  • Mentoring and Coaching


This program is for participants who are serious about dramatically advancing their agile coaching, facilitating, teaching, and mentoring. Over the course of the program, a journey of inner growth builds on its own momentum, propelling both the individual and the collective toward a new possibility for what it means to coach, inspire, and help create amazing Agile Teams. Here are some of the types of people who have attended this course:

  • Scrum Masters
  • Team Leads
  • Agile Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Program Manager

Interested in attending, but unsure if you qualify. Speak to a member of our team today.



12 May 2021

16 cohort calls.
One call every two weeks (90 minutes)


David Lowe Learn more about this trainer
Louria Lindauer Learn more about this trainer
Rafael RibeiroLearn more about this trainer


Due to Covid-19 we are now hosting our courses ONLINE until further notice, therefore we are offering a reduced price across selected courses.



This is one of the world’s only coaching cohort programs designed specifically for the advance Certified Agile Coaching Expert track. Following successful completion of the program and passing the assessment you will be eligible for the advanced designation of ICAgile Certified Expert in Agile Coaching.

Please note: This class is currently being accredited by ICAgile and will be a fully accredited class by the time the program starts.

Those who successfully complete this program and pass the assessment will come away with the advanced Expert in Agile Coaching (ICE-AC) designation.



Program Fees

  • Early bird price before 15 April 2021 – £4,999 +VAT
  • Standard price – £5,200 +VAT

Payment Plan
We can take deposits and monthly instalments as an alternative to one upfront payment with the following total amounts payable:
If £1,500+ VAT deposit paid before 12 May 2021 then total payable will be £5,200 + VAT.
If deposit paid after this date the total payable will be £5,600 + VAT. 

If you are a non-UK business please contact us before booking, on +44 203 369 1125 or, as the VAT charge may be affected.


PROGRAM TIMELINE: 12 May 2021 to the end of October

This program significantly raises the bar for Agile Coaching. Full attendance will be required to maximise your effectiveness, your capability and impact as an Agile Coach.

This transformative program includes:

  • 16 cohort calls. One call every two weeks (90 minutes) – starting 12 May 2021
  • 2 one to one coaching sessions
  • 2 assessment calls to make sure you are progressing well against the ICAgile competencies
  • Additional 3-day (or 5 long half-day sessions online) of experiential training towards during the program
  • Lots of coaching sessions with other attendees
  • Mentoring and Coaching

Please note:

  • All calls will be recorded
  • If you miss a call you will need to watch the video and complete the homework as planned
  • If you miss more than two calls you will need to pay for an additional coaching session with one of the trainers.
  • Calls at 5:30pm – 7:00pm (UK time)
  • Safe Containers
  • The coaching arc
  • Staying present
  • Coaching teams
  • Dealing with difficulties
  • Mentoring
  • Be the bamboo: Agile Improv
  • Staying neutral
  • Designing facilitation
  • Teaching
  • Servant leadership
  • Dancing the X-Wing
  • Mastering intangibles
  • Agile Coach marketing
  • Neuroscience
  • Lots and lots of practice

By enrolling on the ICAgile Certified Expert In Agile Coaching cohort with Adventures with Agile you will receive:

  • 16 cohort calls. One call every two weeks (90 minutes) – starting 13 January 2021
  • 3 day (or 5 long half-day sessions online) residential towards the end of the program – the tail-end of September 2021
  • 2 one to one coaching sessions with the course leaders
  • Lots of coaching sessions with other attendees
  • Mentoring and Coaching
  • Mid and End Assessments to make sure you are on track for your ICAgile assessment

For a full list of reasons to train with AWA, you can see our founder and CEO provide 15 reasons to work with AWA as your training provider.

  • Open mind and curiosity
  • An active team with whom you can practice what you learn on the program
  • Enough time to attend all of the modules and complete homework
  • Complete the assignment work and attend all calls and residential
  • Complete a personal journey detailing your growth as a coach
  • Complete a case-study of your work with your team
  • Record a training and facilitation session
  • Contribute to discussions on the cohort Slack team
  • Give and receive feedback on personal and professional development
  • Attend a 3-hour assessment with ICAgile Experts to assess you and the work you have completed during the program

You will also need to:

  • Have a good internet connection
  • Have a webcam that is turned on
  • Be able to use Slack and Zoom (at least 10 Mbps download/upload)
  • Be in a quiet space where you can speak freely
  • One person, one device

We also recommend (although not essential)

  • Two monitors
  • Space to move around the room


David Lowe


David is a business coach and trainer who believes that everyone has the right to improve their work and personal life, so divides his time between coaching and training individuals, teams and organisations. He has worked with all types of companies (from start-ups to established organisations) in a range of industries (including automotive, finance, fashion, government, hotels, recruitment, travel).

He has a Postgraduate Certificate in Business & Personal Coaching from Chester University, is a PCC with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and has a wealth of agile-related qualifications. David is heavily involved in the Agile and Lean communities, co-foundering the London Agile Discussion Group, Agile on the Bench and London Lean Coffee.

David is the author of Scrum 101: The most frequently asked questions about Agile with Scrum and The Innovation Revelation: A story about how to satisfy customer needs



After working as a Software Developer for 11 years, Rafa Ribeiro realised that despite the knowledge he had about machines and computers, he lacked skills to empower and support other people. With the challenge of creating his own company, he felt the need to start a learning journey into the realms of Psychology, Expressive Arts and Professional Coaching.

As a result of this mixture, Rafa currently works as an Agile Coach and Professional Coach with organisations, teams, and individuals, helping them discover and becoming aware of their goals, reflecting their behaviours and supporting their growth. He has a range of deep experience working with co-located, distributed and full remote teams, as a Scrum Master, Agile Coach or Enterprise Agile Coach.

Louria Lindauer


For the past 25 years, Louria has empowered and co-created “People First Environments”, where talents are celebrated and voices matter.  As an international Executive Agile & Leadership Coach she utilizes her mastery of coaching, emotional intelligence, facilitation, teaching and mentoring to breathe life into ‘just surviving’ organizations to thriving. She is known to say, “It’s not if you will fall down, but when you do fall down; then How YOU Recovery?!”  Therefore, we love who we are, what we do and do what we love!

Louria has lived every role in an agile organization from software engineer to organizational agility enterprise coaching and strategy. In her own company, SuccessAgility, she has worked with hundreds of organizations and Agilists where they have elevated not only their skill set and are now the leaders that others want to be and foster collaboration and sustainable change and growth.


Welcome to the Certified Expert In Agile Coaching application. The first step in the process is to complete our online application (below) which includes basic information and some essay questions.

Upon receipt of your application, we will set up a brief coaching assessment call with one of our program leads to get to know one another and determine if this is a fit for you. Once your application is approved, our Sales Manager will send you an invoice and work with you to make your deposit payment.


Please read our terms and conditions for bookings.

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