AWA Meetup Attendance Policy

April 2016

We believe that Agile promotes the human values that inspire change, innovation and creativity. We created Adventure with Agile (AWA) to provide a forum for influential people and change agents to come together and share ideas on organisational issues that need tackling on a large-scale.

In a mission to share more content, provide more opportunity to learn and meet likeminded professionals we now run 3+ meetups each month.

Inevitably this takes time, effort and money in organisation and coordination from all parties involved. We want people to enjoy the event, both by learning from the presenter and the people in attendance. Therefore, the more people at the event – the more enjoyable and productive it is for everyone.

Unfortunately, attendance at meetups across the board (not just AWA) is 50% or lower. The mentality seems to be – “it’s free so it doesn’t matter if I don’t show.” Free in ££ maybe. But in time and effort for all involved it’s priceless. It’s incredibly disheartening to us as organisers, the community and the presenters when 50 people out of 100 don’t show without any advanced notice.

Many people travel great distances, even flying just to attend or present at AWA. For example, Mina flew from Sweden – to talk at our event. An event that had 100+ people registered – but 56 people didn’t show. The setup for this event took a lot of time & effort. For example, the venue provided security, food, drink and the room.

What’s The Impact:

  • Venues – many have a strict attendance capacity. If the room can only hold 100 people we can only accept 100 people on the RSVP. This means 50 people or fewer will be at the event.
  • Food – for 100 people will be provided by the host or AWA. Half of this will be wasted.
  • Staffing – Our hosts will put on more staff depending on capacity. This costs money in overtime to our venue hosts.
  • Community – We tell our presenters we have a great community of supportive professionals. When 50% decide not to come this is a reflection on all of us. On us as organisers, on the presenter, and on the community. Unfortunately, the meetup community as a whole has an endemic No Show culture. Does this mean that the community places less value and respect on free events? In NYC meetups are now typically $5 and many presenters insist you charge. Currently, we would still like to keep our events free.
  • Waiting list – Our popular events get big waiting lists. This means that those people who don’t show up are preventing people who could attend from attending.


How can you help?

If you register for an event and you realise you can’t make it please update your RSVP in good time (for example 2 hours notice is more than sufficient) to ensure others can attend in your place.