Meet the AWA Faculty

All of our trainers and coaches are experienced practitioners who actively practice what they teach inside real world agile transformations. As well as being highly qualified, they are fun, approachable and passionate about helping you learn!

georg fasching
Georg Fasching

With over the 20 years experience, Georg improves the flow and happiness for people, and products, through coaching and training.
Georg is a mentor and servant to the community, proof of his vicarious quest to help others achieve their goals. His dedication to continual learning has made him extremely effective as an Agile Coach in accomplishing huge wins for his clients, which include major finance and tech corporations.

Georg is certified to lead our Enterprise Coach Bootcamps.

John Inge Hervik
ICF-PCC & Head of AWA Norge Training

With more than 15 years experience John Inge has a technical background from software development. His approach to agility is value-based, and focuses on contributing to improvements in the organisations he works for. This approach emphasises increased trust, good communication, continuous learning and a defined agile mindset. The result is better anchored organisational and process changes where value creation is at the centre.
John Inge leads Enterprise Coach Bootcamps in Norge.

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David Lowe

David is a coach and trainer whose approach is underpinned by the belief that everyone has the right to improve their work and personal lives. He spends his time between coaching and training people, teams and organisations, and has worked with a range of different companies across a number of sectors. When he is not training or coaching, David is researching a doctoral in coaching at Oxford Brookes University.
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Rafa Ribeiro

Rafa is an Agile and Professional Coach, who helps his clients discover and become aware of their goals, reflect on their behaviours, and support their growth. He has extensive experience working with co-located, distributed, and fully remote teams, and enjoys helping software teams in connecting logic reasoning with creative thinking and human-centered design. He has more than 15 years of experience working with clients from Telecom, Sports and Banking to name but a few.

Jon Sleeper

Jon has more than thirty years of industry experience in technology and business. He has led large programmes of work as well as start up initiatives. Jon wants to change the world of work so that people and organisations are aligned and connected to collaborate effectively.  This is to enable individuals to enjoy what they do, be more productive, fulfilled and motivated. Jon supports organisations to innovate, adapt and evolve with the flow of time and space to enable the culture of an organisation to be more at ease and therefore more productive and efficient in creating value. 

Simon Powers
AWA CEO and Bryter Work Co-Founder

Over the last two decades Simon has worked with leaders to improve their organisations, meet their objectives, and create a productive and happy work environment. He has worked in many industries including banking, financial services, retail, manufacturing, charity, oil and gas, and public sector. Simon is the author of the book Change.

Simon leads many of our Enterprise Coach Bootcamps.

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francesco bianchi
Francesco Bianchi

Francesco is on a mission to make the world of work more fun. After 10 years experiencing agility working as a Software Developer for startups and small tactical teams he has shifted his focus from developing software to developing teams and agile organisations. He now works as an Agile Coach and trainer in companies of all sizes, from 100 to 100k employees.His engagement style focuses on building a safe and inclusive environment by leveraging all of the cutting-edge techniques for Visual Thinking, Brain-Based learning and Facilitation for highly collaborative meetings to ensure people are and feel at the centre.
Francesco is certified as a course instructor for the Agile Team Coaching (ICP-ACC) and Agile Team Facilitation (ICP-ATF) courses.

Alan Jennings

Alan is an Enterprise Agile Coach with 20 years experience. He started his career as a programmer developing biomedical systems and security systems then find his passion in creating the right environment for teams to function and collaborate in.

Alan loves getting organisations to focus on the human, building connections and relationships whilst understanding the simplicity of lean agile approaches and the power of facilitation.

antoinette coetzee
Antoinette Coetzee

Antoinette is a Team, Leadership and Enterprise Agile coach, who focuses on growing inner agility in leaders at all levels of the organisation. Her forte is growing agility in EVERYONE, and putting her own experience in practice by showing others how to do bring about greater agility in their organisations themselves. She is a coach of coaches and teaches and develops transformation, coaching and facilitation skills at both the Team and Enterprise level.

timote geimer
Timoté Geimer

Timoté has spent the last 12 years shaping and building product teams in startups and scale-ups. He now shares his knowledge with his peers through advising, guest-lecturing, forums, workshops, and private coaching. Timoté is the author of “How to run interviews during product discoveries”. Timoté‘s has previous experience in the role of Head of Product at a number of companies, and now specialises in coaching and mentoring tech enabled companies in product management – partnering with you to maximise your impact

louria lindauer
Louria Lindauer

For the past 25 years, Louria has empowered and co-created “People First Environments”, where talents are celebrated and voices matter.  As an international Executive Agile & Leadership Coach she utilises her mastery of coaching, emotional intelligence, facilitation, teaching and mentoring to breathe life into ‘just surviving’ organisations to thriving. She is known to say, “It’s not if you will fall down, but when you do fall down; then How YOU Recover?!”  Therefore, we love who we are, what we do and do what we love!
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jessica katz
Jessica Katz

Jessica Katz is a trainer, mentor and coach helping people find and nurture their authentic selves. Jessica works with individuals, teams, leaders, and organisations to help them discover where they are, and with their new knowledge, help them uncover solutions that move them forward on their journey. Her methodology is informed by Agile values, principles, and practices, creating a safe space for clients to be their full selves without judgement.

michael sahota
Michael K. Sahota

Michael guides executive leaders to create high-performance organisations. He has a proven practical playbook for leading change. His model for Consciously Approaching Agile™ explores the creation of a cultural and leadership context where Agile creates lasting organisational results.

Gemma Honour
Bryter Work Co-Founder

With experience leading an enterprise agile transformation for a Fortune 500 company, Gemma works with organisations to help them uncover their super-powers.

Gemma brings energy and colour to everything she does and is highly skilled in creating and holding memorable workshops and coaching sessions that get people sharing understanding, thinking creatively and working together effectively.

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John Yeo
John Yeo

John is a leader, coach and consultant experienced in large scale transformation, Product Management, enterprise agile adoption and organisational restructuring. He spent 15 years in large global companies transforming their Product and Delivery functions through new ways of working, capability building and org design. John has a strong commercial focus on value and impact within his engagements. As a Product Manager, he led the build of a EUR 50M banking platform. As a Transformation Leader, he and his team successfully mobilised 2000 distributed employees towards a new scaled delivery model.

kevin callahan
Kevin Callahan

Kevin is a leader with over two decades’ experience creating value and stewarding change toward desired results. He works to realise the mutual benefits to people, organisations, society, and the world that become possible when we work together under a positive unifying purpose. Kevin’s work puts people as the foundation of organisational effectiveness in the face of accelerating change and growing complexity.

Dan Moody
Dan Moody

Dan has experience in leadership roles and as a coach at Fortune 100 companies such as American Express, FedEx, and Chevron. Combined with over a decade of product management experience, Dan understands first hand the realities facing those charged with operationalising the myriad theories, practices, and tools in the realm of improving ways of working, in order to get better outcomes. Dan is a practitioner and is aware that context counts. He uses that understanding to co-create solutions fit for context with an eye toward future state, and he has a proven track-record of constructively challenging the status quo to improve outcomes.

Linda Spencer

Following a career in automotive procurement, including 9 years at BMW’s headquarters in Germany, Linda pivoted to a new career as an executive coach. Now with a track record of over a decade, she holds a master’s degree in Coaching and Mentoring Practice, has published research and coached hundreds of leaders and professionals, from Colorado to Lahore and Stockholm to Cape Town. Linda is designated a Master Certified Coach by the International Coaching Federation (ICF-MCC) and values her work in coach education and mentor coaching as a sustainable way to keep her own skills honed and up to date as well as to help others to make the world of work a more positive place to be.

Kim Greenwood

Drawing on over 20+ years of experience empowering teams and individuals to achieve sustainable high performance, Kim’s personalised approach has facilitated successful outcomes for large scale, FTSE 100 corporations across industries including Telecoms and Media, Oil and Gas, Investment Banking, Real Estate and FMCG.

From within organisations, Kim has skillfully grown global portfolios, redesigned target operating models, failure recovery and governance, while raising information fidelity, engagement and eNPS. Since 2018 she has coached C-suite teams in leadership incubators, communication intelligence, negotiation practices and on how to create fearless organisations.

Kim is certified to lead our Enterprise Coach Bootcamps.

Geetha Ramachandran

Geetha Ramachandran is an Executive Coach and a Leadership Transformation Coach and brings over 20+ years experience working in different industries including FMCG, Telecom, Media, Events and Digital. Starting with an Engineering Degree and working in Management positions, Geetha moved into Coaching due to her passion for working with people.

Geetha was awarded “The Telegraph Woman of the Year” award in 2018 for organisational transformation, a “Made it Count” award from Acumen Commercial Insights in 2014 for team transformation. Geetha believes in coaching the whole person, creating a safe space to reflect both personally and professionally, enabling authentic leadership

Oystein Vandvik
Øystein Vandvik

Øystein has held leadership roles in various organisations, and is passionate about personal growth and development. 
He has a master’s in technical cybernetics (robots and such) as well as an Executive MBA from ESCP. 
Among other things, he is certified Expert in Enterprise Coaching (ICE-EC) from AWA Global. 
In addition, he has recently completed ORSC (Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching) to further develop his coaching skills. 
Øystein teaches our Agile Team Coaching courses.

Signe-Marie Hernes Bjerke
Signe-Marie Hernes Bjerke

Signe-Marie is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Scrum Master and DevOps trainer. 
She has helped many businesses get started with a digital transformation based on lean thinking and an agile mindset. 
She is a DNCF-certified coach, professional facilitator, as well as certified in a number of frameworks used in working life. 
Signe-Marie is certified as a course instructor for the Agile Team Coaching (ICP-ACC) courses.

Carl Rogers

Carl is an Agile Coach experienced in helping Fortune 500 and global organisations grow healthy agile culture bubbles and find their right-fit agility. Carl’s mission is to help people reframe, rethink and reimagine the way they work.
Carl designs and facilitates fun, immersive, engaging spaces for learning using agile games, simulations, shared narratives, and collective decision-making. He draws on a deep understanding of agile and lean thinking, facilitation and transformation experience to help organisations, teams, and individuals understand their current reality and take a structured, experiment-based approach to change.

Jiten Vara

Jit is a coach and trainer with over 15 years experience. In that time he has helped to increase agility of organisations in sectors ranging from Fashion to Finance, Retail to Life Sciences, as well as Government and Automotive industries. Jit’s passion at work is helping people reach their next peak and in the constant pursuit of high performance, especially in scaled environments.
Jit is also an author and professional coach, accredited by the ICF.

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