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Certified Agile Leadership

What is Certified Agile Leadership?

Certified Agile Leadership Training gives managers and coaches skills needed to foster success. Though each Certified Agile Leadership 1 course varies depending on the instructor, all Certified Agile Leadership courses intend to create awareness of, and begin the journey toward, Agile Leadership. Graduates will receive the Certified Agile Leadership I designation. At Adventures with Agile we offer two Certified Agile Leadership courses, one led by Michael Sahota and the other by Olaf Lewitz and Christine Neidhardt. To answer the question as to whose course you should attend, continue reading below to learn more about each trainer. 

Who are Olaf Lewitz and Christine Neidhardt?

Olaf and Christine are the founders of TrustTemenos Leadership Academy. We work with leaders increasing their clarity of identity and intention, and help growing organisations where safe spaces are available for people to show up and grow. In 2016 we published a workbook for leaders: Showing Up, available on LeanPub.
As Trust Artist and Certified Enterprise Coach with the Scrum Alliance, Olaf is a veteran and leader in the international agile community. In almost 20 years, he has visited and helped hundreds of organisations to transform. In that work, exploring culture and making sense of leadership have become his speciality. His strategy: increasing trust and responsibility through invitation and clarity.
Olaf invites us to trust ourselves and others. He believes: You deserve to love what you do.

Christine is a passionate, systemic and integral Coach for companies and individuals. Over the past 15 years her passion has crystallized in the field of creating new work cultures, supported by agile processes, design thinking and open collaboration models. She helps leaders bring their power to life and into practice. She models her ideals by being herself and bringing new ideas to life. Her focus is on breaking patterns, hacking the culture and helping to use energies of conflicts to transform the culture.

Since 2013, Christine and Olaf have been growing TrustTemenos Leadership Academy: a container for growing leaders and organisational containers. We invite leaders to consciously Show Up: to become aware of how our clarity of who we are and what we want determines the results that emerge from our context – in leading our life, leading our team, as well as leading whole organisations.

Certified Agile Leadership
18th-19th May

Where: London
With: Olaf Lewitz & Christine Neidhardt
Cost: From £1360 + VAT

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Who is Michael Sahota?

I believe people deliver astounding results when they have Passion and Purpose. Joy and Meaning. Creativity, Safety, Trust and Belonging. I believe we can foster work environments where people can grow and evolve to unleash their best every day.

I help people cultivate their organizational culture. To invite a more conscious way of being and relating. To evolve organizational structures and practices that foster new ways of working.

I am a guide: I help leaders navigate the world of organizational reinvention. I support learning and growth through: training, coaching, consulting, and facilitation. I increase awareness of the connection between actions and outcomes. I invite change. I walk the talk.

Since 2001 I have been fostering an Agile way of working. Since 2010, I have been helping organizations evolve their organizational culture to create places where Agile may flourish. As a Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC), I help leaders bridge the world between Agile and organizational reality.

Certified Agile Leadership
19th-20th June

Where: London
Led by Michael Sahota
Cost: From £1360 + VAT

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