Certified Agile Project & Delivery Management (ICP-APM)

Looking to level up your project and delivery management skills with a modern, adaptive approach? Our ICAgile Certified Agile Project and Delivery Management course is perfect for those working in any project or no-project context.

Discover the techniques, skills, and mindset needed to manage work using an agile approach. This course will help you collaborate with stakeholders, support self-organising teams, and develop solutions incrementally to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

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Skills you will gain

Add maximum value to your delivery approach

Gain the agile project management toolkit necessary to work cohesively, communicate effectively, and provide leadership and coordination for your team.

  • Describe the background to and the driving forces for adopting agile
  • Explain the role of the project manager in an agile team
  • Show how to structure and coordinate self-organising teams
  • Use agile techniques and tools to plan, monitor and manage agile projects, programs and portfolios
  • Demonstrate the importance of value-driven delivery and continuous customer and user feedback in increasing efficiency
  • Provide guidance and a decision-making framework to ensure their continuous alignment with organisational goals
  • Explain how to understand and manage stakeholders needs
  • Use adaptive planning to maximise flow
  • Demonstrate how to assess, manage and monitor risk

Be recognised for your expertise

Successfully completing this course earns you the ICAgile Certified Agile Project and Delivery Management (ICP-APM) certificate, a key step in developing your product ownership mastery and expertise.

Course dates & fees

The Agile Project and Delivery Management Training course is available both online and in-person, via in-house courses only.

Finally, in addition to public training, we offer in-house courses worldwide, so you can get the training you need no matter where you are.

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