Agile Team Coach (ICP-ACC)

Certified Agile Coaching Training

"Wonderful, amazing. Really gave me some awesome tools/techniques
and shifted my whole mindset. 5 stars!"


Agile and Lean work when there is deep respect and consideration for people. However, often the behaviours we experience and sometimes exhibit at work are not in alignment with our own goals and the goals of the organisation. This is what makes achieving agility so hard.

Professional coaching helps individuals and teams increase transparency of their own internal and external blockers that stop them from being successful in achieving their goals.

During this 3-day highly interactive, powerpoint free, ICAgile-Certified coaching course with Adventures with Agile, you will learn specific professional coaching skills required to help others who are moving towards Agile ways of working. You will also gain the understanding and skills required to create a safe environment for meaningful collaboration and healthy conflict resolution within an agile team and be exposed to team dynamics and the role the wider organisation system plays.

Each day you will get to enjoy a tasty breakfast, lunch, coffees, teas, and water – included as part of your registration fee. Plus following completion of the class you will have access to our regular coaching practice group that’s available exclusively for our Agile Team Coach graduates to support your continuous professional development.

The Agile Team Coach course runs back-to-back with our hands-on Agile Team Facilitator course. Both can be booked together to take at the same time or at a later date. Contact our friendly team for further details about how you can save time money with this training pass bundle.

Join us on a public course or book a private session to be held at your business, anywhere in the world. 


Upskill and align with private group training. Speak to the AWA team for more details. 

26th – 28th FEBRUARY in LONDON
with David Lowe

4th – 6th MARCH in OSLO
with David Lowe

25th – 27th MARCH in LONDON
with David Lowe

15th – 17th APRIL in LISBON
with Rafa Ribeiro

22nd – 24th APRIL in LONDON
with David Lowe

1st – 3rd JUNE in LISBON
with Rafa Ribeiro


  • What an agile coach is and how this role plays out with your teams.
  • An introduction to neuroscience and why it’s important as coaches we understand how the brain reacts when we’re stressed.
  • Gain fundamental professional coaching skills and insights, like what powerful questions are and how to use them effectively and one of the important tools for team and personal growth – giving and receiving feedback.
  • How to create a psychologically safe environment for your teams by looking at how to set up the team environment and help the team to know themselves and create a shared culture and vision.
  • How to conduct the coaching conversation including techniques to improve the way you listen, brainstorm and help your client be effective with actions.
  • Why it’s important to design a coaching contract with your team and stakeholders.
  • How to coach and mentor through different kinds of change.
  • How to coach toward high-performance and gain effective skills in encouraging team collaboration and trust and how to resolve conflicts.
  • A powerfully effective conflict resolution coaching tool not found anywhere else.
  • Connect with other participants/peers and exchange experiences first hand.
  • Experience what it is like to offer and receive professional coaching and how profoundly helpful it is.


  • Team Emotional Intelligence
  • Defining agile coaching
  • The agile mindset
  • Achieving self-awareness
  • Coaching principles & patterns
  • Neuroscience and coaching
  • Professional coaching vs advising
  • Training and Facilitation
  • Mentoring
  • Conducting the Coaching Conversation
  • Goal & action-based outcomes
  • Presence & Listening
  • Giving & receiving feedback
  • Powerful questions
  • Creating a psychologically safe environment
  • Understanding team development and team culture
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Setting up the team environment
  • Creating a team kickoff / startup
  • Characteristics of an agile team
  • Coaching the journey towards high-performance
  • Understanding the change cycle
  • Working with Leadership
  • Contracting
  • Putting it into practice


The Agile Team Coach course is accredited by the International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile) as fulfilling all Learning Objectives in the Agile Coaching track. After successful completion of the Agile Team Coach course and assessment, you will receive for the ICAgile Certified Professional-Agile Coaching (ICP-ACC). This continuing education certification is a key step toward achieving the ICAgile Expert-Agile Coaching (ICE-AC), the industry’s first competence-based certification.There is an ongoing assessment throughout the class as well as a practical assessment at the end of the course that you will need to pass. As long as the trainers believe you have demonstrated competence and that you have understood the learning objectives and you do not miss more than 1 hour of the course then you will receive the certification. The certification is included in the price of the course. Following the class you will receive an email from ICAgile with your Certification.

By attending this course you will be eligible to earn up to 15 Category C SEU Points.


“Great course. Loads of techniques and tools for coaching would recommend to anyone calling themselves an agile coach” Graham Ingram – Agile Coach

“I am really pleased to have taken part on this Agile Team Coach Training. The content, structure, ideas, exercises and opportunities to practice during the day made a huge difference in my agile journey” Luciano Correa – Scrum Master

“Informative and interesting throughout. The trainer is a seasoned professional who got across quite a lot of information in a short period of time!” Bernard Mensah – Software Engineering Manager

“Really good for learning or consolidating knowledge of agile to a level that enables me to go forward as an agile coach and consultant” – Caitriona Kavanagh – Business Analyst

“I recommend this course to all agile coaches in or new to this role. A good way to learn about all the techniques to be a good agile coach” Niko Deflem – Agile Coach

Professional, practical course to develop and agile coach. A must for everyone who wants to do agile coaching” Benedicte Fjellanger – Manager

Excellent course delivered by a professional, knowledgeable and friendly trainer” – Mike Crook – Agile Coach

Love the trainer’s delivery of the ICP-ACC course. Plenty of pictures, information, practice, moving around & FUN!” – Vijay Padmanabhan – Agile Coach

“A very well designed and delivered training program full of hands on exercises to aid learning” Kavita Gupta – Agile Coach

“Brilliant training on agile coaching that brings in the needed skills to effectively coach agile teams” Ana Isabel Rafael – Agile Coach

“3 days of training not only provides insights into the different components of an agile coach but can also help develop a better understanding of the root causes of many common business challenges” Giulia Agostinucci – Management Consultant

“Fun, engaging, comprehensive and above all useful. The trainer was brilliant” Jim Wylie – Agile Coach

“Highly recommend this for anybody considering or already in an agile coaching role” Barry Sayers – Agile Coach

“If you think you know what agile coaching is you are probably in for a surprise! After this course your ability as as coach will be strengthened and renewed” E. Daleng – Director of Agile Business and Collaboration

“Action packed course in a great format that truly made the terms Agile and Coaching clear to me”

“I loved the course. This is one of the best courses I have participated in during my 25 year long working career”

“The best training so far in my life!” – J.Larsen – Project Manager

“Amazing trainer; draws connections in teams, introduces concepts in an engaging way, gets you to practice them and reflect. Finally, they help you summarise and contextualise what you have learnt.” D.Rahman – HR Consultant

“Fantastic course, great variety and great delivery. A useful, practical training that exceeded my expectations.” M.Swansborough – Agile Coach

“A great trainer, and provided a very relaxed and light hearted environment to learn a large number of very useful techniques and concepts. It has provided a lot of food for thought and lots of possibilities for further learning” M.Ravenscroft – Team leader/senior developer

“Jammed full of great information, fantastic people and the trainer is a fun and inspiring leader” – Mat Stoker – Delivery Manager

“I loved this course. If nothing else (and there was loads else) I now have started to understand what it means to be an agile coach and that it is so much bigger and challenging than I ever thought. Thank you so much” – Judith Burchasolt – Agile Delivery Manager

“Training was great even for people that already have experience with coaching they will learn new things, techniques and learn from others in attendance” – Tatiana Bacalin – Agile Coach

“Creative, interactive, fun, flowing course. Amazing space of creativity, humility, true servant leadership nature of facilitating and leading” – Alexandra Rodrigues – Agile Coach

“Recommended for every team lead, scrum master, agile coach, in transition role” – Mirna – Lead

“Probably the best training I have been to ever! An explosive potion of theory, practice, tools and reflection and great facilitation. High paced, demanding and extremely useful. Exhausted and Happy!” Annette Kristin Bø Andreassen – Program Manager / Agile Coach

“This is a deeply profound learning experience that has changed my view on people around me and how I relate to them” – Espen Sjøvoll – Agile Coach

“If you want to improve yourself and the people around you, take this course” – Thomas Stangnes – Manager

“I came in with no knowledge in coaching and the trainers were able to give me that knowledge and skill set in coaching” – Sylvie Alembong – Scrum Master

“Highly recommended for Scrum Masters, POs, who aspire to help their teams to be truly agile” – Karthiga Sethuraj – Scrum Master

“Genuinely life-changing” Michael McGreer – Enterprise Agile Coach

A must for every Agile Coach” – Rodrigo Corral – Agile Coach

The trainers are experts in their field and clearly passionate about coaching. They will ensure you get the most from the class and give constructive advice to make a lasting impact on your coaching role.” – Julian – Senior Agile Coach

“Fab course, excellent trainers. Learned loads of new things, re-learned old things.” – Steven Limmer, Delivery Manager

“If you’re thinking about hiring an Agile coach or are about to become one, do this course first.” – Jaedan Edman, Business Transformation Consultant

“An awesome 3 days packed full of content & exercises. Exhausting yet completely immersive.” – Jeff Tsang, Scrum Master

“Extremely interactive and content driven. Perfect for internal or external coaches in organisations.” – Thara Pathi Tandon, Transformation Leader

“An enrichment for every Agile minded person.” – Marc Van Der Haas, Agile Coach

“Eye opening course, would highly recommend for all Agile coaches.” – Asif, Agile Coach

“Phenomenal trainers, wealth of experience and amazing tools to take away & apply immediately at work. Brilliant 3 days – thank you!!” – Kim Greenwood, Agile Coach/Scrum Master

“This course is valuable to anyone interested in improving their coaching skills, understanding team dynamics and learning it by doing it! Thank you for the great class!” – Dana Pylayeva, Agile Coach

“The trainer knows & delivers the content exceedingly well. The topics are delivered with significant time & depth to be effective and not boring.” – Joe, Scrum Master

“For a delightful blend of theory + practical applications look no further than this engaging course.” – Sean, Scrum Master

This course is an immersive experience, where you can’t get bored and always have fun on every topic.” – Amy, Agile Coach

Fantastic 3 days & an experience that will stick with me for years to come.” – Liam, Senior Consultant

I wish I had done this training about 3 years ago!” – Jim, Agile Coach

Fantastic, fun & engaging course that I’d recommend to anyone who wants to better understand their people and the workplace.” – Chris, Senior Consultant

This was thoroughly rewarding course which forced me to step outside of myself and think about what I can change and do differently to bring out the potential in those I work with and the teams I am a part of.” – Amber, Manager

This course has opened my mind to the way I think, listen and respond. I believe it will significantly change how I work with others.” – Jocelyn, Senior Manager

Breaking the boundaries of thinking. An eye-opener.” – Nisha Balwatkar, Scrum Master

“I highly recommend this course for anyone who manages multiple Agile teams. It provides relatable and realistic tools that I can put into practise immediately.” – Diarmuid Delaney, Software Application Manager

“A truly inspiring practical course that can help you in work and in your personal lives.” – Pedro Norte, Agile Coach

“Amazing and very interactive course, I learnt so much and I am really excited about what I can put into practise – thank you trainers!” – Sarah Graham, Agile Coach

“This is a MUST course for everyone that wants to develop coaching skills. Awesome tools and techniques to help others.” – Ricardo Grandão, Scrum Master

Absolutely brilliant course – it should be made mandatory for all people/project/agile managers. Inspiring, empowering, educational.” – Rozalia Jaki, Executive Producer

Genuinely transformative on every possible level. Be sure to learn a lot from the trainers, the group and yourself. Worth every penny.” – Michaela Broeckx, Agile Coach

Excellent training that has completely opened my eyes to what it really is to be an Agile coach.” – Niamh Woodcock, Agile Coach

“Absolutely excellently delivered course – a masterclass in facilitation and coaching. Content was superb and the vibe in the class on all three days was phenomenal. Thank you.”

“I am a happy, enthusiastic Scrum Master and I have to say this makes me realise where my next step in my career journey will be. Loved this training so much and I feel a better person now! Thank you to the AWA amazing team!” – Bianca Schobel, Scrum Master

“I read the testimonials on the website before booking and my cynicism was totally unfounded. It was fantastic and inspiring.” – Claire Coulson, Scrum Master

“This has had a significant impact on both my career and my life!” – Mike Ferrie

“Genuine coaching course from a genuine coach, highly recommended.” – Mike Horwath, Agile Coach

“This training helps a lot, a very good trainer. The material given is very helpful. I can’t wait to really implement it in real life.” – Anna, Scrum Master

“This Agile Team Coach Training was exceptional. The trainer was fantastic – they led the 3 days with such skill; the depth of experience was clearly evident. Loved this course.” – Denise McClintock, Scrum Master

“The trainer delivered the content superbly. The course was engaging & eye opening.” – Jason Taylor, Agile Coach

“This course helps you be the coach you imagined you’d become.” – Robin James, Enterprise Agile Coach

“Illuminated gaps in my knowledge & skills then filled them with practical examples and demonstrations.” – Chris Davey, Scrum Master

“I would recommend this course for any Org that are serious about delivering max value from teams with Agile.” – Derek O’Reilly, Delivery Lead/Agile Coach

“The Agile Team Coach training is the perfect foundation for becoming a better coach. It provides tools, methods and ideas that I will be able to use tomorrow. The safe environment and small groups are a perfect place to practise and receive immediate feedback. Sharing experiences and learning from each other is an invaluable bonus.” – Marie Englund, Scrum Master

“Awesome course, learned a lot of new concepts and also a bit more about myself. Definitely recommend to those who want to learn more about how to improve teams and themselves.” – Miguel Pedro, Product Specialist

“This is an excellent course for anyone who is an agile coach or moving towards incorporating agile coaching into their own role. It fills the gap between a traditional coaching course and the Scrum Master course, linking them together.” – Jackie Sherwin, Product Owner / Coach

“If anyone is in any doubt about the importance and power of an agile coach – attend this course!” – Noel Warnell, Agile Coach

“This training separates itself from other providers by putting the attendees at the centre and wrapping the content around them to create deeper insights.” – Daniel Millbank, Scrum Master

“Wonderful, amazing. Really gave me some awesome tools/techniques and shifted my whole mindset. 5 stars!” – Cait Pelly, Scrum Master

“A really great course that has given me confidence to give people the space (silence) to work out how to reach goals.” – A. Soddart, Delivery Manager

“This is the first training course I haven’t fallen asleep in. Every minute of the course was engaging, informative and fun.” – R. Jarrat, Delivery Manager


£1350 // €1200 // 17500 NOK // $1750
ends 2 months before course starts

£1450 // €1300 // 20500 NOK // $1950
ends 1 month before course starts

£1550 // €1400 // 22500 NOK // $2150
please enquire about group pricing

ATC & ATF Bundle:
£2300 // €2100 // 34000 NOK
save when you book both Agile Team Coach and Agile Team Facilitator email us for details

UK and Portuguese prices ex VAT


3 Days


Agile Team Coach is available to run onsite for a group of your coaches, managers or teams leads to dramatically improve their coaching skills for agile teams. Talk to us today about our transformative in-house training for groups or individuals which we can run for your business, anywhere in the world.


  • Acquire skills in professional coaching, create safe environments and how to resolve conflict.
  • Help your teams to resolve blockers that are preventing them from success.
  • Stand out from the crowd with the ICAgile Certified Professional Agile Coach certification.
  • Demonstrate that you have the skill set to do the work required of an Agile Team Coach.
  • Illustrate your commitment to professional mastery
  • Designed by Certified Training from the back of the Room Trainers using research -backed adult learning techniques
  • Facilitated by professional coaches with real-word experience working in agile transformations and agile teams across many different companies of all shapes and sizes
  • Highly-reputable training provider backed by years of experience, industry leading certification and globally recognised trainers
  • Access to full learning pathway from team to enterprise coaching (plus many other world-class trainings)


  • Execs, Managers, Team Leaders, Project Managers, Scrum Masters, Iteration Managers, Agile Coaches, aspiring Coaches, Product Owners


  • Printed and bound manual
  • Twenty-one hours of immersive in-classroom training providing you with unrivalled access to deep experiential learning, support and practice to embed learning. Plus two sleeps helps the new learning sink in deeper!
  • Improved skills and knowledge that will enable you to mentor and coach your teams
  • Enhanced competency and skill set to do the work required of an Agile Team Coach with the internationally recognised Agile Coaching Certification (ICP-ACC) from the International Consortium of Agile (ICAgile)
  • A tasty breakfast, lunch, coffees, teas, and water each day – included as part of your registration fee
  • Membership to the global Agile Team Coach class community providing a rich ecosystem for support, learning and sharing experiences post-class.
  • Access to in-person and virtual coaching practice to support your continuous professional development in coaching
  • Membership to Adventures with Agile community for organisational change and agile.


This an intermediate-level course for practitioners with at least 6 months of hands-on agile experience. You will build upon the experience you already have working with agile teams.


Save time and money when you book multiple courses at the same time with the AWA Training Pass.  We will work with you to create a training pathway that suits you, your team or your department at a cost that’s affordable for you. We can even arrange for training passes to be paid via instalments rather than one upfront payment. Passes are flexible, interchangeable and refundable. FIND OUT MORE



David is a coach, mentor, trainer and author. He has coached a variety of individuals and companies (ranging from start-ups to traditional organisations) over a range of industries (including wine, travel, health, fashion, government, automotive and finance).

David has a post-graduate certificate in Business & Personal Coaching from University of Chester, is certified by the International Coach Federation as a Professional Certified Coach, and is one of only two people in the UK with both CSP (Certified Scrum Professional) and KCP (Kanban Coaching Professional) certificates.

David is heavily involved in the Agile and Lean communities: he founded the London Agile Discussion Group, Agile on the Bench and London Lean Coffee and speaks at conferences and events around the world.

He has global sales of his workshop game, (‘Iterative Incremental Big Bang’), is the author of ‘Scrum 101: the most frequently asked questions about Agile with Scrum’ and is currently working on a new book: a fictional story explaining user-centred design.



After working as a Software Developer for 11 years, Rafa Ribeiro realised that despite the knowledge he had about machines and computers, he lacked skills to empower and support other people. With the challenge of creating his own company, he felt the need to start a learning journey in the realms of Psychology, Expressive Arts and Professional Coaching. As a result, Rafa currently works as an Agile Coach and Professional Coach with organisations, teams, and individuals, helping them discover and becoming aware of their goals, reflecting their behaviours and supporting their growth He has a range of deep experience working with co-located, distributed and full remote teams, as a Scrum Master, Agile Coach or Enterprise Agile Coach.

rafa ribeiro


Over the past 18 years, Georg has developed a passion and proficiency in Digital Product Development while working predominantly in the banking and engineering spaces. His experience transitioned to Agile in 2010. Having practiced as Product Owner and also as Scrum Master provides him an intriguing blend of complementing perspectives. Georg now improves the flow and happiness for people, and products, through coaching and training.

Georg is a mentor and servant to the community, proof of his vicarious quest to help others achieve their goals. His dedication to continual learning has made him extremely effective as an Agile Coach in accomplishing huge wins for his clients, which include major finance and tech corporations. As a qualified Personal and Business Coach, he also enables individuals become even better versions of themselves.

Georg’s quest for adventure once led him to a treacherous part of the world – the Amazon Basin. He thrives in challenging situations as he continues his coaching & training practice today in London, England.



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