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About this course

Fully understand the Scrum process, your role as Product Owner, and be ready to apply Agile and Scrum principles to your company and better serve in the role of a Product Owner or Product Manager.  Join us on a public course or book a private session to be held at your business, anywhere in the world. 

The Certified Scrum Product Owner course is a training experience certified by the Scrum Alliance. During this course you will explore the Scrum Framework and the role of the Product Owner with our Certified Trainer. We will cover topics including, agile values and principles, practical application of Scrum framework, how to create a product and build Product Backlog, and how to be a great Product Owner, while building a product of your own. Each day is immersive and interactive, full of simulations, exercises, group discussions, and games. After the course you will be ready to start your journey as a Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO)!

Learning outcomes

  • Agile and Scrum Values and Principles
  • The scope of the Certified Scrum Product Owner’s role
  • Understand the Role of the Product Owner
  • Describe Purpose and Strategy
  • Understand Customers and Users
  • Test Product Assumptions
  • Work with the Product Backlog

Class agenda

  • Scrum Framework Introduction
  • Lean and Agile principles
  • Scrum framework overview
  • Great anatomy of great ScrumMaster, Product Owner and Scrum Team
  • Product Owner Core Competencies
  • Responsibilities of a Product Owner
  • Key benefits of Product Ownership
  • Collaboration with Stakeholders
  • Eliciting and clearly defining stakeholder needs
  • Collaboration with Development Teams
  • Understanding Customers and Users
  • why product discovery
  • Segmenting customers and users
  • Creating a shared understanding of customer needs
  • Prioritizing conflicting customers’ needs
  • Persona concepts and application
  • Validating Product Assumptions
  • How to validate within Scrum Framework
  • Validation methods and selection
  • Product Purpose and Strategy
  • Create and describe Product Vision
  • Product Market Phase and corresponding Product Strategy
  • Product Planning and Forecast
  • Roadmap and Release planning
  • Product Backlog Management
  • Differentiate outcome and output
  • Define and measure value for products
  • Product economics concepts
  • Generating Product Backlog Items
  • Models and techniques for prioritizing product features
  • Product Backlog Refinement – a powerful vehicle – when, why and how
  • Agile estimation
  • Methods for slicing larger needs into smaller product backlog items
  • Summary of Product Ownership and Scrum framework
  • Sprint Planning and the Sprint backlog
  • The Sprint Review: valuable feedback from stakeholders
  • Retrospectives: continuous improvements
  • Next steps to be a great Product Owner

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Who Should Attend?

  • product owners or product owner candidates;
  • anyone who is currently working with or planning to work with Scrum
  • product managers, project managers, business analysts, business representatives, executives, managers, team leads, and anyone else who are interested in improving product development

Course dates and pricing

Dates Times Price Host Location
13-14 March 2023
09:00 – 17:00 (GMT) £795 + VAT Evelyn Tian Online BOOK NOW

Private team training

This course is available to run privately for a team or group of different people that wants to dramatically improve their understanding of agility and agile ways of working. Talk to us today about our transformative private training for teams or individuals for your business either online or anywhere in the world (after the Covid lockdown has ended).


At the end of the course you will get a Scrum Alliance certification – Certified Scrum Product Owner and Scrum Alliance membership for 2 years.

Participants in the class can also claim 16 or 24 PDUs and 16 or 24 SEUs that can be used to renew PMP and SA membership respectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Attendees will be provided a course workbook and a copy of the class content that is generated during the session. This is a unique learning experience that does not use traditional PowerPoint slides.
  • Certified Product Owner certification
  • Scrum Alliance Membership
  • Membership to Adventures with Agile community for organisational change and agile

For online courses you will also need to:

  • Have a good internet connection
  • Have a webcam that is turned on
  • Be able to use Slack and Zoom (at least 10 Mbps download/upload)
  • Be in a quiet space where you can speak freely with distractions
  • One person, one device

We also recommend (although not essential)

  • Two monitors
  • Space to move around the room

Our course trainers

Evelyn Tian

Evelyn Tian is a professional Lean and Agile Coach and Trainer. She has over 20 years of product development experience in telecom products, automotive industry, financial sectors and e-commerce products, with wide range of experience from product management, project management, system architect, software development, system integration to customer support.

Evelyn previously was the Lean and Agile Head Coach of Ericsson and headed the Ericsson Global Transformation Support Center. She has been passionately working with Lean and Agile transformations since 2009 and she has grown close to 30 coaches and trainers through apprenticeship and mentorship programs. She designed her own Agile Leadership course in 2011, which has been delivered to over 1000 leaders. She has also developed her own Agile Coaching course, with more than 30 classes of graduates.

Evelyn’s focus is on organization transformational strategy, continuous improvement and enhancing the art and science of crafting products and service delivery. Evelyn has built a lengthy track record and gathered deep insights in coaching organization transformation, agile leadership, and teams to reach their potential.

Evelyn is one of the few Certified Scrum Trainers that are Scrum Alliance certified enterprise coach, certified team coach, certified agile leadership educator and path to CSP educator.


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