The DevOps Way (ICP-FDO)

The DevOps Way is a practitioner’s guide to understanding DevOps and how it helps you, and the enterprises you are part of, succeed at scale. Drawing upon experiences and insights from practitioners and thought leaders in the global DevOps community, we have created a course which will give you broad knowledge across the full DevOps landscape.

In the DevOps Way, you’ll discover the origins of DevOps, gain an understanding of DevOps from the viewpoint of some of its most influential thought leaders and learn about the relationship DevOps has with Continuous Delivery and Agile practices.

We’ll also explore the various technologies which enable DevOps at scale and how DevOps plays a vital role in the enterprise. On completing this DevOps course you will have gained comprehensive knowledge of the beliefs and behaviours that underpin DevOps, enabling you to provide a greater and more rewarding contribution towards the mission of your enterprise.

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The DevOps Way is relevant to anyone who has an interest in the delivery of customer value. It’s equally relevant to people who consider themselves technical or non-technical.
For new joiners or people looking to upskill, the course will give you an in-depth overview of DevOps and practitioner insights into ways of working which are associated with High performing organisations.

For existing members of the enterprise involved in delivering value, you will gain valuable insights and accounts from some of DevOps’s more recognised thought leaders. It will challenge your perspective on DevOps and provide several different viewpoints which will help you to have a more enjoyable career and realise your full potential.

Enterprise leadership will also discover a wealth of insights from practitioners in new ways of working which will increase the impact of their transformational activities.


“DevOps is more than meets the eye, ie Developments and Infrastructure Operations: it is the about optimizing the whole. Through exhaustive and well organized content, explanations and open discussions, Barry helped me understand this ethos and how this knowledge can complement Agile to enable teams to reach their full potential and help companies become more effective.”

Adrian Solca

What we will cover:

  • The Origins and Culture of DevOps
  • DevOps Engineering
  • DevOps in the Enterprise
  • It is delivered via ~4 hours of short videos, ~100 quiz questions and 11 thought provoking exercises.
  • In Part 1 of The DevOps Way, you are going to look at where DevOps came from and what it is. At the end of Part 1, you will have gained a thorough understanding as to how DevOps came to be and the benefits of using DevOps practices.
  • The Origins and Benefits of DevOps
  • Optimize the Whole
  • Conway’s Law
  • The Three Ways
  • The Theory of Constraints
  • Kaizen
  • Culture
  • Automation
  • Lean
  • Measure
  • Share
  • Having looked at the history, characteristics, behaviour and values that underpin DevOps, you will explore some of the more technical aspects of DevOps which align to the way many high performing organisations work.
  • The DevOps Cycle and Pipelines, what they are and focus on the specific activities involved
  • The concepts of Version Control
  • Configuration Management
  • Continuous Integration and Delivery
  • Test Automation
  • Deployment Strategies
  • Continuous Feedback
  • Managing Defects
  • Rolling Back Changes
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • How Virtualisation and the Cloud enables DevOps good practise.
  • Containerization
  • Security and DevSecOps
  • DevOps Tooling
  • Database DevOps
  • Using and contributing to Open Source software.
  • In the final part of the course we are going to look at applying DevOps in the Enterprise. You will be focussing on DevOps at Scale and Professions of DevOps. This involves exploring a variety of enterprise related disciplines which help everyone maximise productivity and play their part in an organisation’s success.
  • Standard Tooling and Infrastructure
  • DevOps Maturity
  • DevOps (continual) Transformation
  • Team Patterns and DevOps as a Service
  • Psychological Safety
  • Professions of DevOps

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