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Disciplined Agile
Training & Certification

Comprehensive range of Certified Disciplined Agile training in London, UK.
Delivered by the UK’s only Disciplined Agile approved partner.

What is Disciplined Agile?

The Disciplined Agile (DA) framework provides a comprehensive guide to everything you need for an Agile transformation.

DA utilises the Agile Frameworks such as Scrum, Kanban, along with transformation knowledge on organisation wide changes such as HR and Finance, to enable solutions for Governance, DevOps, Portfolio Management and Culture. It’s a one stop shop, organised around specific goals that allows you to consider your options and learn about your choices.

What makes DA especially interesting and useful is that it is based upon real data. Providing you with an insight into what’s going on in other organisations. It’s not theory. It promotes enterprise awareness that’s based on industry successes, what works and doesn’t work elsewhere. It covers the whole delivery lifecycle and beyond.

Attend one of our Certified Disciplined Agile training courses to learn all the things you need to do for an Agile transformation.

“If you are looking for a different “tool” for your Agile Coach toolbox, I strongly recommend this Disciplined Agile and this course. In our Agile world of “this methodology is better than this other one” it’s really motivating to see that we have one that embraces all that is good in the others and use it in our favour.” – Elaine Tittanegro – Agile Coach

Disciplined Agile Training Courses

As the only approved Disciplined Agile training company in the UK we have been authorised to deliver certified training in both publicly scheduled and onsite training classes. Talk to us today about how we can help you.

Disciplined Agile courses we run:

  • The Disciplined Agile Experience – Certification Prep Workshop (DA101)
    Comprehensive 3 day class that will teach you how to apply a disciplined agile approach from end-to-end, including critical topics such as strategies for adopting Disciplined Agile, how to govern disciplined agile teams, and how to scale agile at both the tactical and strategic levels.
  • Introduction to Disciplined Agile – Certification Prep Workshop (DA104)
    3 day class that will teach you how to apply a disciplined agile approach from end-to-end.
  • Disciplined Agile in a Nutshell (DA105)
    1 day class that will teach you the principles of Disciplined Agile


Each class offers you the option to take the exam and earn designation of Certified Disciplined Agilist.

Who Should Attend:

  • IT practitioners new to agile who want to get an effective start at agile solution delivery
  • Existing agile practitioners who want to take it to the next level
  • Senior IT Management who want to gain a deep understanding of how to take a disciplined approach to agile solution delivery
  • Agile practitioners who seek the designation of Certified Disciplined Agilist (CDA) or a Certified Disciplined Agile Practitioner (CDAP)

AWA DA Courses:


  • Certified Disciplined Agile (DA105)
  • The Disciplined Agile Experience – Certification Prep Workshop (DA101)
  • Introduction to Disciplined Agile – Certification Prep Workshop (DA104)


All courses are available In-house.

For all enquiries email


Your Trainer

Simon Powers is an Agile Coach and founder of Advenutres with Agile, specialising in large scale transformations and agile adoption. He has a background in very large enterprise architecture which has led on to organisational design and agile process refinement. Simon has 18 years software delivery experience and has been delivering Agile solutions to very large corporates including Bloomberg, Goldman Sachs, NYSE, BNP Paribas, Barclays, Oxfam, Tesco and many others.

He is a certified Scrum Master and Professional with the Scrum Alliance, a certified Scaled Agile Program Consultant (SPC), a certified Large Scale Scrum practitioner (LeSS), has achieved the black belt certification level in the Disciplined Agile Delivery framework (DAD) and a Certiifed Disciplined Agile Trainer. He is a part of the LeSS coaching and training group, sits on the Disciplined Agile Consortium’s Advisory Council and chairs the Agile Project Management group’s annual round table conference.

Escrum alliance logondorsed by Scrum Alliance

AWA is endorsed by the Scrum Alliance. By attending this course you can earn SEU Points.

Disciplined Agile Courses:

  • The Disciplined Agile Experience – Certification Prep Workshop (DA101)
  • Introduction to Disciplined Agile – Certification Prep Workshop (DA104)
  • Certified Disciplined Agile (DA105)

All courses are available In-house.

For all enquiries email

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