Enterprise Agility Masterclass

Gain a deep understanding of agility at the enterprise level by learning the cultural, structural, process and leadership perspectives. Join us on one of our courses in London, NYC or book a private session.

“If you want to tackle agility at the enterprise level with no nonsense attend this training” – Agile Transformation Lead

Accredited Course


Are you working as a coach, change agent or leader that’s making change happen?

Do any of these challenges resonate with you?:

– Finding the right people of influence and engaging them in such a way that effects real change?
– Finding it hard to get changes to stick?

If so then the ICAgile-Accredited Enterprise Agility Masterclass is here to help.


“Great course with great conversation starters & techniques explored that are immediately applicable” – Aislinn Green – Agile Coach


It may be more cost-effective to run this course onsite if you have a group of 8 or more people. Speak to the AWA team for more details.

6th – 8th MARCH in LONDON

30th – 2nd MAY in LONDON

21st – 22nd MAY in NYC


  • stand out from the crowd with ICAgile’s Certified Professional-Agility in the Enterprise certification – the only course in the UK to offer this certification
  • acquire advanced structural, process, cultural and leadership knowledge
  • help organisations make the changes needed in order for it to be more responsive and more value driven
  • demonstrate your capability and skillset against the learning objectives set out inICAgile’s most advanced track, Enterprise Agile Coaching
  • the course is based on proven and practical techniques, our experience of running agile adoptions, and the work of those who have trained and spoken at AWA events


  • Protocols for Team Emotional Intelligence (TEI)
  • Complexity and systems thinking – going beyond Cynefin
  • Organisational culture and structure
  • Engaging leadership in conversation about culture
  • Executive coaching, mentoring, facilitating for leadership development
  • Executive teams
  • Enterprise Agility
  • Business agility
  • Principles and patterns for organisation design
  • Lean
  • Process and Process improvement
  • Agile frameworks for scaling
  • Measuring performance and governance
  • Technical craftsmanship
  • Sustainability in health of an agile enterprise


“Before commencing on a journey of enterprise change make sure to save much hardship by getting comfortable with the tools and techniques from this class” – Ciaran Gallagher – Program Manager

“Thank you Lisa and Simon for a wonderful course – thoroughly enjoyed & learned loads on enterprise agility” – Pamela McFadden – Agile / PMO Manager

“Great 3 days with Simon and Lisa, explaining the difficult topic of enterprise agility. This is a “must attend” for anyone thinking of starting this journey'” – Alan Ashe – Agile Coach

“Great course with great conversation starters & techniques explored that are immediately applicable” – Aislinn Green – Agile Coach

“If you want to tackle agility at the enterprise level with no nonsense you got to be in this training” – Rafael Ribeiro – Agile Transformation Lead

“A great learning opportunity you should take if you are trying to help your organisation meet their business goals” – Simon Noone – Agile SME

“A comprehensive, insightful and inspiring masterclass covering enterprise agility” – John Tason – PO/BA

“The training course had excellent content, was thoroughly engaging and has given me new ideas to think about in my organisation. Thank you Simon and Lisa” – Carol Roche – Agile Coach

“A great course focused on realistic approach to effecting change in today’s enterprise organisations” – Colin Rogers – Agile Portfolio Manager

“This is a great course for experienced agilists who want more in their locker when trying to address enterprise level problems ” – Phil Parker, Agile Programme Leader

“AWA and Simon have deep practical knowledge on howorganisations can bring focus to their delivery need in a modernworld” – Agile Coach, Andy Murthar

“Unmissable, enriching course! Go for it!” Agile Coach – Amy Safwat

“Simon is a great trainer and well worth tapping into his knowledge and attending this agility masterclass. – Scrum Master” – Azher Butt

“Excellent course! Highly recommend this to anyone interested in building more effective, customer-focused organisations.” – Andrew McIntyre – Agile Coach

“Challenging and thought provoking, this course has provided me a view of the path for my future growth and has furnished me with tools to make it a reality” – Tim Robinson – Agile Coach

“Very useful for those aiming to achieve organisational transformation. Amalgamates the different approaches available in the industry currently.” Geetha Ramachandran – Senior Scrum Master

“If you’ve got agile experience, understand all of the basics well and have struggled with agile bubbles, changing mindsets or understanding why a change in one place worked and it didn’t in another. Or if you are any type of agile leader! Then this is definitely the course for you. You can expect to meet a brilliant cohort of people, learn lots of tools and techniques, have at least one big leap for mankind on your personal journey, and finish three days wondering how so much went into three days. This training is the top of the jigsaw puzzle that you didn’t realise you needed in order to understand the wider picture. “ – Sarah Toogood – Scrum Master

“Really enjoyed the course. The content was exactly what I needed at this point in time. Very thought provoking.” – Geoff Goddard, Agile Coach

“Eye opening! I’m only just at the start of the journey with Agile Transformation. The course will be the foundation of my success with that”  – Martyn Thompson – Delivery Manager


3 Days


SUPER EARLY BIRD: £1250 / $1600
EARLY BIRD: £1350 / $1800
STANDARD: £1500  / $2000

ex VAT/Tax


t: +44 203 369 1125
e: training@adventureswithagile.com


  • Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Agile Consultants, Change management professionals, Organisational Design professionals, Heads of Transformation, Leadership.
  • Anyone who wants to succeed as an Agile Coach.
  • Anyone who wants to get a deep understanding of Agile transformation


You will get more out of this course if you have a basic understanding and experience of team-based coaching such as a Scrum Master role, or you have some management experience across multiple teams but now want to learn about agile at scale.


  • Course manual and notebook
  • Content that underpins AWA Consultancy that will help you understand the why and how organisations change
  • Improved skills and knowledge that will enable you to mentor and coach others
  • Skills so that you can work at scale across multiple teams
  • An understanding of how to influence and help managers, leaders, and other areas outside of delivery teams.
  • Access to monthly coaching sessions for all Enterprise Agility Masterclass alumni
  • Access to Slack channel community for all Enterprise Agility Masterclass alumni
  • Support towards your Enterprise Agile Coaching certification
  • Tasty breakfast and lunch, and teas/coffees/water
  • Membership to Adventures with Agile community for organisational change and agile.


Enterprise Agility Masterclass is accredited by the International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile) as fulfilling all Learning Objectives in the Agility in the Enterprise track. After successful completion of Enterprise Agility Masterclass, you will be eligible for the ICAgile Certified Professional-Agility in the Enterprise (ICP-ENT) certification. This continuing education certification is a key step toward achieving the ICAgile Certified Expert-Enterprise Agile Coaching (ICE-EC) designation the industry’s first competence-based certification for Enterprise Agile Coaching. To be eligible for the ICP-ENT, you must not miss more than 1 hour of class. Learn more at ICAgile.

By attending this course you will be eligible to earn up to 15 Category C SEU Points.


You can save money when you book multiple courses at the same time with the AWA Training Pass.  We will work with you to create a training pathway that suits you, your team or your department at a cost that’s affordable for you. We can even arrange for training passes to be paid via instalments rather than one upfront payment. Passes are flexible, interchangeable and refundable. FIND OUT MORE



Simon has over 20 years’ experience helping very large organisations to thrive in the market and to be better places to work. He works with the board of directors or senior managers to transform the way that they see themselves, each other, and their organisations. The results are better organisational design, better processes, more engaged staff, and an organisation that is customer focused and more successful. He has been using Agile and Lean for the last 14 years, initially within IT, but in the last 5 years across the entire organisation. Simon founded Adventures with Agile (AWA), a global community of practice for organisational change in 2014. He founded the AWA consultancy in 2015, and his experience comes from both his own direct experience and through the consultants that work for Adventures with Agile working across many of AWA’s clients.



Lisa’s initial agile lightbulb moment was in 2007 when she started with a consultancy who developed software solutions for clients working in an agile way. Lisa was fortunate to take CSM with Mike Cohn in 2008 and hasn’t looked back. Having worked with many different organisations, predominately in the retail sector, Lisa has a cross-section of experience, engaging business sponsors in their role, working with Leadership, Finance, Budgeting as well as creating and delivering training at all levels of an organisation. Lisa is people focused and leads by example, bringing focus and enthusiasm to create an environment where teams are empowered and self-organised to deliver customer value in a high-performing environment. Most recently at M&S, Lisa played a key role in their Agile Transformation as Lead Agile Coach.


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